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Frac Tanks A Success Story

Published Oct 9, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

GPOR – A Frac Tank Success Story

GPOR – A Frac Tank Success StoryTale of the TapeOverview: In 2010 GPOR started looking into adding tracking devices to all of their company-owned frac tanks. We had been working directly with CHK Security for almost a year on several projects.Buying Reasons:GPOR needed a way to audit locations for their tanks to prove that they were not responsible for leaks and other environmental issues.Competitors: DTS, Skybitz (both using S1) Skybitz pricing was $194 for hardware and $35 for activation as well as $9.95 for 1x a day.

GPOR – A Frac Tank Success StoryHow the Deal was won:Worked with the IT Director and provided pricing and sales info but the deal went cold. The reason was cost of replacement batteries.(MMT vs. S1)In September 2010 Jimmie sent an email to Bill Stanger, President of GPOR, who was a former SLB executive and secured a meeting. Found out they were leaning towards Skybitz and we made the case for the MMT.In December we were notified that we had been chosen as the vendor for a full rollout but that the funding for the project was not approved.In Q1 2011 we worked to get a 3 unit pilot started with motion-based reporting. The project got preliminary approval in May 2011. Rollout of over 2000 devices began in Q3 2011.