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Published Oct 8, 2013 in Business & Management
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2013 hardware roadmap presentation given by Gary Naden at the sales conference.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)GT1 – Next StepsATEX / IECEx – European and International MarketsRequires a complete redesign of power supply circuits. Must be fully tested over temperature and load. Could require tweaks. Testing is ongoing, to conclude in MayIntertek has completed spark/ignition and performing thermal analysis now. Expected to complete in 2-3 weeks.Firmware changes necessary to manage new power system and enable shock sensor… in work to be complete in May and testing in JuneRFID enhancement (improves read range from inches to feet)Manufacturing test fixture mods required… in work to be complete in June/July.

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)GT1 – Next StepsATEX / IECEx – European and International Markets (continued)Production goal – product on shelf to deliver in AugustCertifications: US C1D1-5, ATEX/IECEx Z0, Anatel, Ctick, CEWhy: Marketing bulletsFirst (only) global IS satellite asset tagHarmonized IS certs (US C1D1-7, ATEX/IECEz zone 0)Extended battery service life (compared to current GT1)Accelerometer (shock) enabledBLE 4.0 equipped to support configuration, radio silence, wireless sensors (future)Improved RFID performance

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)GT1 – Next StepsBeyond V8 ATEX GT1 product (future development)Continuing product improvements (and why)Embedded GPS development (lowers cost, improves version control for IS requirements)Improved Myte transmitter (improves message reliability)Improved RFID performance (part of the one-device message of the GT1)Alternate battery analysis (improve vendor sourcing)

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)GT1 vs. GT0

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)GT0 – Next StepsPO for initial build has been placed. Parts in procurementPrototype GT0 in checkout. Power supply and battery usage in work. Harmonizing with GT1 design.Battery sourcing not yet decided. Requires custom pack.Ultrasonic vs. chemical weld not yet decided.Electromechanical conformance testing is starting. This yields our FCC and CE marks, not IS.IS testing cert standard not yet decided or started. C1D1-5, ATEX zone 1,2?Manufacturing test fixture design and development in work. Metal bezel designed but not tooled or availableCustom cable assembly designed but not tooled or available

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)GT0 – Next Steps (continued)Working for mid-year release but second priority to GT1 V8 ATEX product.Why:Replaces dependence on SmartOneEnables HAAS market model – first in this industrySmallest rugged and disposable satellite tag – another firstOffers a rounded suite of product offering – not just a one-trick ponySize and pricepoint opens opportunities for new markets

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)Myte – Next StepsPerforming core research and test to identify differences between Myte and STX2 for network throughput enhancement.Consultant hired to design/develop software-defined DSSS transmitter. Includes hardware, DSP firmware.System in test, analysis in work in MayWhy:Improves GT1 and GT0 product throughput and battery life.Will result in core IP that differentiates the Myte from all other transmitters (maybe also the STX3)

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)BLE – Next StepsDeveloping BLE reference design to support wireless sensorsCore technology will enable new market opportunities:Need to identify target markets and drive product roadmapDevelop the BLE wireless interface used in GT1/0 as “industry standard”, i.e. “is your sensor Geoforced?”Strategic business development opportunities with sensor companies – opens business opportunities and drives the standard

Hardware – What’s Coming Next (and why)Research (not currently tasked but on the horizon)RF amp – ref designRadiation sensorDSSS receiver / repeaterSTX3 evalGT3 tank level productGEM Level sensor integration with GT0GPS chip-level developmentAntenna research and developmentRechargeable battery optionsMyte3 – from-scratch development using new RF chipEpaulet product (<$50)Off the shelf BLE sensor interface options with GT1Cellular / Iridium product offerings

THEME 4: Category killers: battery-powered, satellite trackers

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