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Published Oct 8, 2013 in Business & Management
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We spent most of this section talking about the first few slides, so it would be good to spend some time reviewing the slides about our vehicle trackers. Please note that we are trying to simplify the descriptions of hardware to say things like “Standard Vehicle Tracker” – not a bunch of numbers

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Summary of Hardware ProductsSatellite Remote TrackersGeoforce GT-1Smartone ERTSPOT Personnel TrackerCellular Vehicle TrackersBasic FleetAdvanced FleetBasic Powered Equipment

Satellite Remote TrackingMainly for non-powered assetsWhere cellular coverage is lacking“Slap and Track” solutions

Geoforce GT-1Ruggedized Globalstar/GPS TrackerCurrent Day Feature SetSUBS-60 – Twice per day reportingMagnet based shutdown~ 5 year battery lifeUse replaceable batteriesCoverage based on Globalstar coverage mapOil-field Ruggedized (*)Multiple installation methodsNow approved for Australia and BrazilCurrent WeaknessesGlobal IECEx approval still pendingNo other reporting configuration options (coming soon)No Bluetooth features (coming soon)Limited RFID read rangeReporting Limited to +/- 70o Latitudes

Smartone ERTRemote Engine RuntimeCurrent Day Feature SetEngine Runtime reporting, 1-2 x per dayLocation reporting, 1-2 x per dayUser replaceable Energizer batteriesCoverage based on Globalstar coverage mapCurrent WeaknessesNot Globally approvedComplicated and bulky installationDevice packaging NOT ruggedReporting Limited to +/- 70o Latitudes

SPOT Personnel Tracker“Man-down” applicationsCurrent Day Feature SetStandard SPOT reporting profile10min reporting interval while in tracking modeSOS, SEND HELP and Shift Status reportingUser replaceable Energizer batteriesCoverage based on Globalstar coverage mapIntrinsically Safe versionCurrent WeaknessesNot Globally approvedLimited battery life based on usageReporting Limited to +/- 70o Latitudes

Basic FleetStandard Fleet TrackingLMU26(C/G)4V1-GEO01Current Day Feature SetReporting intervals are selectable from:30s, 1M, 2M, 5M, 10MSupports 3 digital inputs and outputsAvailable in CDMA and quad-band GSM2-meter GPS accuracyData availability based on Verizon or KORE coverage mapsCan be paired with a Garmin GPS navigator as a Fleet Management solutionCurrent WeaknessesOnly 10 out of 32 accumulators can be viewed in the appNo internal battery to combat tampering or poor install qualityAssets may “disappear” temporarily while out of cellular coverageQuality of installation directly affects the user experienceGSM devices cannot be accessed OTA by HW without a VPN

Advanced FleetAdvanced Fleet TrackingLMU42(C/G)VJ-GEO01Current Day Feature SetIncludes all the features of the Standard Vehicle TrackerExpanded I/O capacity7 digital inputs and outputs3 analog-to-digital inputsHardware supports J1939 bus data acquisition at a 2M intervalData availability based on Verizon and KORE coverage mapsCurrent WeaknessesSame weaknesses as the Standard Vehicle Tracker

Basic Powered EquipmentStandard Equipment TrackingTTU28(C/G)4V0-GEO01Current Day Feature SetReporting intervals:5M when the device is in motion, powered, or is experiencing vibration4 times daily when the device is stationary, not powered, and not vibratingDevice enters a sleep state 4.6 minutes after losing normal power and not vibrating to maximize battery lifeEquipped with a 3.8v 2800mAh Li-Ion backup batteryCan deliver 500 messages on a full chargeCan detect and notify app of “last-gasp” when battery is almost deadSupports two digital inputs and outputs and one analog-to-digital inputAvailable in CDMA and quad-band GSMCurrent WeaknessesInstallation procedure not standardized. White wire confusion.Same weaknesses as previous cellular devices

Basic Powered Equipment