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Ximax Irrigation

Published Sep 9, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Ximax Environmental Solutions PLCInnovation for Protection in Irrigation

Irrigation SystemsA common problem encountered in all irrigation systems is growth of microorganisms in the irrigation pipes causing poor flow, blockages and the potential for the spread of disease-causing organisms throughout the irrigated area, particularly fungal diseases.The microorganisms flourishing in irrigation pipes include bacteria and fungi and, if sufficient light is present algae. Irrigation pipes provide an ideal environment for the establishment of biofilm on the inside of the pipes (for more information on biofilm, see Ximax Environmental Solutions Technical Data Sheet, Control of Biofilm).Other than mineral build up, the presence of biofilm is the single most likely cause of reduced flow and blockages in irrigation systems. The presence of biofilm also creates a permanent reservoir of potentially harmful microorganisms throughout the irrigation system.

Control of Microorganisms in Irrigation Pipes Conventional chlorine, bromine and non-oxidising biocides are very poor at controlling microorganisms in irrigation pipes because of short contact times unless dosed at very high concentrations. Even at high dose rates, these disinfectants do not control biofilm. High concentrations of disinfectant in irrigation water are also potentially harmful to the plants being irrigated. Most non-oxidising biocides are unacceptable for spraying on to food crops. XzioX® overcomes all these problems. It is effective against algae, bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, protozoa and viruses and is the method of disinfection that is most effective at controlling biofilm. XzioX® remains effective over a wide pH range from about 4 to 10. In addition, to these benefits, when used at high enough dose rates XzioX® will disinfect hard surfaces preventing the spread of disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.Xziox Chlorine Dioxide production and delivery systems offer an “ultrapure” level of chlorine dioxide that is cost effective, safe and easy to apply in a wide variety of food preparation processes, offering a superior alternative to chlorine, bromine and traditional chlorine dioxide generator technologies. Because of the versatility of XzioX, we are able to use our current technology in a number of stages throughout application. Xziox chlorine dioxide has the best performance at the lowest concentration of all the disinfectants/sanitisers tested. This is maintained against a wide spectrum of pathogens found throughout the food industry.

XzioX®XzioX® from Ximax Environmental Solutions is the simple modern method of generating high purity chlorine dioxide as and when required by mixing two precursor solutions (see Ximax Environmental Solutions brochure XzioX® for more information). XzioX® is a patented solution of chlorine dioxide in water containing only a small amount of sodium sulphate and sodium chloride as by-products of mixing. When dosed into the irrigation system at the recommended rate, XzioX® will control bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae and biofilm. Higher rates will allow the control of microorganisms on hard surfaces contacted by the irrigation spray such as workbenches, pots and glass in greenhouses.

Advantages of XzioX®Penetrates the Bio film completely and eradicates it very well.Deodorization characteristics are good, therefore smell and taste causers in water like Phenols, Amines and Algae are avoided/not produced!Disinfection is pH-Value independent within a bandwidth of pH 4 < x < 10. Effective disinfection of concrete based pipeline circuits.No THM building in drinking water. Only very limited AOX Building.No reaction with primary or secondary amines and therefore NO chloramines are built. Typical water odour is disturbed by oxidation.Excellent biocide and anti-virus characteristics.When pH-values exceed > 7,5 ca. 20 – 30 mal strong disinfectant working compared to chlorine.Excellent algicidal working by permanent disinfection (0,2 – 0,5mg/L) dosage.Up to 2,6 times stronger oxidation compared to chlorine. Oxidation takes place by oxygen.Still stabile in closed systems at temperatures 30°C < x < 45°C reacts more selective than chlorine.Contains hardly any chlorine and therefore the level of corrosion is very limited.Excellent rinsing capacities and therefore less rinsing water required for the desired effect.

Are you still dealing with theissues of the past…?Algae removal and odour control? Biofilm build up inirrigation lines? Blocked nozzles? Disease in crops? The Problems you Have…Removal of algae and odour control in reservoirs. Biofilm removal and prevention in irrigation lines.Removes blockages in the nozzles and maintains free-flowing water.Helps prevent disease such as Pythium, E-coli, TVCS, Listeria.The XzioX Solution …

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