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IDS Presentation 2

Published Jan 20, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

1001909 Games Design and Production Management

Pre - visuals are what shape a game. I believe that pre - visuals such as c oncept art and storyboards should be used more within the design process, steering away from written documentation, allowing for more creative and free design through the use of visual art.

Currently the game design process is document driven. Gives designers a fresh approach to creating their product. Encourages even more creativity throughout the design process. Everyone can share the same vision by seeing the same art.

The importance of a Game Design Document. How Storyboards are used in design. How Concept Art compares to the final look and feel of the games.

The use of mood boards. The use of mash ups. The advantages of creating working Prototypes. Visual Development companies.

Steambot Studios is a visual development studio creating world class visual content for international clients in the feature film, videogame, advertising, broadcast, graphic novel and publishing industries. They also produce their own content through films, comic books and animation projects . Far Cry 2 Splinter Cell Deux Ex III Prince of Persia Turok

C ontinue to research different areas and aspects of the game design process. K eep track of my findings and ideas by posting them on my blog. Look into ways in which other Visual Development companies work. Create my own pre - visuals for game ideas.

A Games Designer with strong art skills. Use my art well to communicate my ideas visually when designing games.