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Published Jan 9, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Social Media 101

Promoting the Future of Catholic Education

What is social media?

The Basics

Social Media Platforms

(Web Log)
Vocabulary 101


Vocabulary 101

The Big Four

A Word About Branding
A brand is a name or symbol that is commonly known to identify a company or it’s products and separates it from the competition.

Mercy Seal & Tower

Marketing Your School Through Social Media


New technology
Legal implications
Privacy issues
Time factor
Fear of...

First Steps
to becoming
Social Media Literate


Your School Community
Embrace Social Media. Resist the urge to ban.
Rethink & revise your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to include Social Media Use Guidelines
Utilize Professional Development

TAP Test

Find Your Cheerleader
Enlist a teacher to become “the voice” of the school.

This person will act as liaison between the school and larger outside community.

Give this person TIME to create and maintain a Social Media presence.

Make a Plan

From Theory to Practice

QR Code
“Quick Response” Code

QR Basics
Website Link
Phone Number
Photo Gallery
Map Directions
Video Link
and much more!

A QR codes may contain a...

How do you read a QR Code?
On a web-enabled phone, start the scanner application.
Point the phone’s camera to the QR code.
The phone will read the code & display its information.
Most web-enabled phones can scan QR codes via a scanner app.
Download a free scanner app on the App Store (QRReader)
or at:

this QR code will take you to

Taking it a step further...

Embracing Social Media...
in the classroom.

Progression of
Technology in

Digital Learners
(Video is a separate blog on my Tumblr Blog,
“Social Media in Education.”)

Social Media Platforms for Education
Platform will vary according to the age & skill level of each student.

bridge the gap
construct their own learning environments
experience real-time feedback, exchange information, receive assessments
document work with images
receive and submit homework digitally
Social Media allows students to...

take part in online learning communities
create, sponsor, listen & contribute to online educational discussions
access the unique platform of a virtual 24/7 conference
spark student interest, encourage growth and reward success
Social Media allows teachers to...

Student Accounts
privacy settings work differently for people under 18 -People under 18 do not have a public search listing
“Everyone” setting works differently as well - Only those who are in the student’s network will see their posts
Messages - people under 18 may send and receive messages only from those accepted people in their network

Group pages on Facebook...
online spaces where students may work on collaborative projects with each other and the teacher
you do not need to be Facebook friends with someone to interact in the group
group pages may be “closed,” the list of group members is public but the content is private

"If we teach today's students as we did yesterday's,
we are robbing them of tomorrow."
     — John Dewey

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