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Published Jan 2, 2013 in Other
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Ahahahahaha. No.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

why you should join our clique
by tumblr users thorspants and questioning-my-own-sanity
(mostly qmos b/c tp was busy???)
not actually comic snas
im not a tool
it looks like comc sans tho
its calibri
cool kids
join us pls

itll be fun
we dont have a nam yet Sassy SuperWhoAvengeLock people dont need no club namess

tumblr cliques
Established tumblr cliques
here there be dragons cliques
there sure are a lot of cliques for an ‘inclusive’ comuunity???
but no one callls them out on ti cause theyre cool and we all wanna be in a clique
were too awesome for an established clique
no actually we got rejected (or at least I did)
(but we all know how that story ended so its okay?)
our future clique
theres space for more than two ppl mebbe one of the blanks could be you???

about us
dese pants
aka sabrina
Always touchin thor’s dick dats her
(assuming he goes commando, but come on, u kno he does)

aw yiss, questioning-my-own-sanity
aka qmos
Not actually dark pheonix but wishes they were
looks more like dis
Pretty fly for white guys
If were white
U nevr know this is the intermagic
We could b any1
We culd be anywhere
we have lots of feels
mostly about fictional brothers
also lesbians
we’re pretty diverse

we have inside jokes
not all caps for emphasis, just wordart bein a dick
its like a cool requirement
speaking of dicks
better tag these nice safe fun and wholesome
U may laugh so hard you hurt urself
thats a finger u pervs
also an inside joke
wow so sexy
OK that wasnt a joke
our hair is so big bcuz its full of secrets like our inside jokes

we r srs bznss intellectuals yo
no really we have long conversations analyzing shit
NOT literal shit
figurative shit
That might actually be
longer than the Sherlockhiatus
the brain is a beautiful thing
we use ours
(usually for making crazy theories/fanfic ideas)
dont worry we still spend a lot of time on fuckery

shit son we’re like built in therapy
we talk about our feels
Also we solve real problems
if you feel like this guy we’ll talk you through it
*Before y’all tell me I am out of line, I respect serious mental issues. I have serious mental issues. This is neither the time nor the place to discuss them. Seriously, this is a tumblr-style powerpoint; nothing I said here could be taken seriously anyway.
I cosplayed this guy once so clearly I know what I am doing
My mom has a degree in psychology, it is in my DNA

We Are Capable of Using Proper Grammar*
iff u still don’t think this is legit read our fanfics KOALATEA
*or at least passable grammar
the top of all my english paprers
u kno it bitches

but now im 2kool4skool???
no srsly we can but I dont feel like it
but who are we kidding this is tumblr no1curr

more reasons to follow us
Examples of us being awesome:
clever things are said by us
A+ graphics
yes there is a tutorial for that
that is a tree we compiled of fanfic ideas for one genre for one ship
The Yggdrasil of Thorki Angst
Also we are/were koala-tea roleplayers—Frigga and Lady Loki

rules and requirements
all cliques have rules, thats like a rule or something
u better be a perv or you’ll be in 4 the shock of ur life
for real yo
if you don’t ship these guys itll be hela awkward
you should have a tumblr
theyre free
Just click this
listen to the wisdom of these words

in conclusion
We rock
You probably do too
Join us please and thank