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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Why Laurence Beveridge and I should get married
by me

1. Age Differance
Laurence's dob: feb 23, 1989
My dob: jan 15, 1993
contrary to popular belief, this is actually a reasonable age difference

3. Laurence likes Green Day
I like Green Day.
I like Green Day a lot.

Really? do you think i would waste all my time and money on all this merch if i didn't like them?

Laurence like pandas
Look, I has a panda hat.
How can one wear a panda hat and not like pandas?
besides, they're adorable, right?

Laurence like's Reese's
I like Reese's.

why would i be eating them if i didn't like them?
yes, i look like crap here, ignore my face

Laurence has a cat.
I has 3 cats.
mine don't like to be held. they like to sleep.

I live in the US
but that's cool. i can totally blow off all my money to bring him (and his band) here.
and think about the good this will do for the band and the rest of the US

Downsides of us getting married

To conclude: Laurence Beveridge and I should get married.
have lots in common.
reasonable age difference
could help his band and save american music

here's a baby panda
the panda would want us to get married.