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The Restaurants Owners Guide of going mobile

Published Jan 7, 2014 in
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile

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Why Should Restaurants Go Mobile?More and more consumers are using their mobile smartphones and tablets to search and shop online.In fact, it is estimated that every person on earth will own some form of a mobile device by 2015. With such a large number of mobile device users, it would only make sense to create mobile-based marketing campaigns.

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Websites?Customers who are using their smartphones to browse through certain products may become frustrated.Hence mobile sites are essential for success.Traditional websites are great and work quite well, they don’t work well on mobile devices.

What Are Mobile Websites? Mobile-friendly version of a regular website“thumb-friendly” meaning that consumers should be able to easily view informationOnce a visitor types in the URL in their smartphone address bar, they’ll automatically be sent to the “mobile version” of the website.Since screen sizes are generally much smaller than regular computers, mobile sites need to be extremely simple to navigate and pick out information from.

How Do You Make Websites Mobile Friendly?How?Click-to-CallGoogle MapsSocial Media

Why Should Restaurants Go Mobile?Why?Growing AudienceBrandingOpportunity

Other Reasons to Use Mobile MarketingMeasure ResultsConnect QuicklyIt’s Different

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing Tips and Ideas for Local RestaurantsRestaurants are turning towards text message marketing

Budget-Friendly and Effective Marketing SolutionFirst off, it’s important to note that text message marketing campaigns are far cheaper than other forms of advertising (like radio and newspaper advertisements). Not to mention, they’re far more effective. When performed correctly, these tips should drastically increase the performance of your business.

How to Receive Sign-Ups for Text Message CampaignsSign-UpsOne tactic that you can’t do is to walk straight up to a customer while they are eating and ask them to join your SMS list. The best route that you can take is to use advertising cards. On them, you can provide certain advantages for signing up including exclusive deals to drinks, foods, and coupons.

When Should You Send Text Messages?If you want to attract a larger lunch crowd then you should send your messages about one hour before lunch time.

Getting Feedback from Customers via Text MessageProvide your customers an incentive to give their honest opinion of your establishment. If you can make your customer’s opinion feel valued then they’ll be much more likely to give it to you via text message.

How to Create Engaging Text Message Material

Common Mistakes to AvoidDon’t Send Too Many MessagesDon’t Make Messages Too LongThe best way to make them remember you is to reach out to them on an average of 4 to 5 times per month.“LESS IS MORE”, by limiting the amount of characters you incorporate into each message, you allow your audience to remain more focused on your content.

Other Ways to Promote to Restaurant Customers

Mouth watering imagesIt is often said the customers will eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouth. Knowing this, you should send subscribers images of featured meals via text message. Occasionally doing this could send their hunger into overdrive and leave them wanting more. For this tip, try to take photos of your meals and beverages using high-definition cameras.

Important Statistics to ConsiderIt is important to understand the statistics associated with text message marketing for restaurant owners.The first is that text messages have a nearly 99% open rate. Basically, this means that you’re customers are going to open anything send to them.Other statistics have shown that teenagers will open their text messages roughly 65% of the time on a daily basis. Knowing this, it would be an incredibly good idea to market your restaurant via text message marketing.

Optimization Tips for SMSKeep your messages short and sweetDevelop a personality for your businessDon’t send messages more than a few times per weekMake each message special and memorableDon’t send messages on weekend

cont…Optimization Tips for SMS

Other ConsiderationsCost-friendly and effective marketingMake sense to spend your time and energyGive voice to your marketing campaignDevelop a presence and make your text messages something to look forward to.

4 More Useful SMS Marketing Tips for Small Restaurants4 More Tips

Tip #1: Use Customer CouponsAccording to dozens of case studies, mobile coupons have fared close to 10 times better than regular, printable ones.

Tip #2: Choosing the Right Phrases

Tip #3: “After Hours” Marketing

Tip #4: Apply Customer SurveysThe best way to proceed with a mobile marketing campaign is to apply any feedback that you’ve been given.The best way to make this happen is to ask customers for their opinion.