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Published Nov 12, 2012 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

What is Sherlock? By someone who has never seen it

¥ It is based on Sherlock Holmes, But itÕs set in modern times ¥ I think itÕs set in london because the title is the london eye ¥ ItÕs about two dudes who live together

¥ This is Sherlock ¥ He is also in War Horse ¥ He has an odd name like Benedict Cumming or something ¥ I donÕt get why people find him attractive, heÕs actually really creepy ¥ Why is he not wearing a sherlock hat? WhereÕs your magnifying glass?

¥ This is James Watson ¥ He looks like a mouse ¥ I think he was the naked guy in love actually ¥ I think he and Sherlock are together ¥ IsnÕt he supposed to be a doctor? ¥ He is supposed to be the stupid one You are not jude law?

In conclusion ¥ I have no idea wat this show is ¥ I think it is about a detective ¥ Who is very weird ¥ And people ship him and the naked guy from love actually ¥ Wtf ¥ But everything changed when the fire nation attacked