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Published Nov 24, 2013 in Business & Management
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12 Month Timeline - Master's of Entertainment Business

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

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EBMS - 12 Month Program

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIPMy objective for this class is to understand what specific qualities make an efficient and successful leader in today’s entertainment industries.Skills/Tactics:#1. Find a good mentor to learn from and look up to for advise and opportunities.#2. Evaluate past leadership experiences, and determine the areas where I need improvement.#3. Attend the leadership seminar in Severna Park, Maryland,"The education of a man is never completed until he dies.” - R. E. LeePROJECT & TEAM MANAGEMENTMy objective is to understand the fine line between leadership and being a team player. My second objective is to understand the important factors that are necessary in working on group projects for a successful outcome.Skills/Tactics:#1. Speak with leaders, in different fields, on the techniques that work best for them and why.#2. Improve my public speaking, so articulating my plans are efficient and productive to those that are around me.#3. Research and practice new communication techniques, whether it be face-to-face or in use of new-aged technology.BUSINESS STORYTELLING & BRAND DEVELOPMENT My objective is to understand the importance of business storytelling, and how to build an efficient brand development.Skills/Tactics:#1. Use my Tumblr to begin developing a personal brand identity.#2. Research and compare useful techniques I can apply towards “real-world” situations, and how I can use my strengths to achieve a personal delivery. #3. Use Tumblr, and other networking tools, to develop a name for myself that I will be comfortable and proud to sell.

ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS FINANCEFinance is the area of business that is my greatest challenge. My objective for this class is to develop a personal connection to finance, so I can build the confidence I need in order to succeed. Skills/Tactics:#1. Start small: Create and document a personal financial budget.#2. Actually use that personal budget and record the positive outcomes.#3. Transpose my personal budget into a future financial plan, so I can apply that any field involving finance.NEGOTIATION & DEAL MAKINGMy objective is to practice smart negotiation, and deal making, using new techniques until they become familiar and second nature in everyday life. Skills/Tactics:#1. Find opportunities that involve negotiation, which will help gain the experience I need. $2. Continue to develop communication skills. #3. Build connections and trust among my field.PROJECT & ARTIST MANAGEMENTMy objective is to understand what makes an artist/manager relationship, which will result in a successful project outcome. Skills/Tactics:#1. Reflect on my own performance s an artist, and use that as an advantage in communicating with other artist. #2.Never forgetting what the other side of the industry (artistry) means and wants. #3. Work to improve communication skills, and using personalization tactics.

ADVANCED ENTERTAINMENT LAWMy objective is to determine if Entertainment Law is something I wish to pursue in the future. My second objective for this class is to understand the different areas of law that pertain specifically to the entertainment industry.Skills/Tactics:#1. Understand that this will take a lot of time.#2. Find a good mentor to follow, and use to build connections for later down the road.#3. Patience.ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA & PUBLISHING DISTRIBUTION My objective for this class is to become more acquainted with popular trends, and learn how to incorporate them into new ideas in the distribution and publishing world.Skills/Tactics:#1. Use digital video and uploading to a social networking service such as YouTube, in the right format.#2. Use social media and networking to keep up with the current trends. #3. Becoming involved and using my ability to grow with the newest trends.DIGITAL MARKETINGMy objective is to get a better understanding of current software programs used in todays digital market, and to discover the new software that will enhance tomorrow’s digital market.Skills/Tactics#1. Use my creative skill along with online tools (Google Analytics, HubSpot, RavenTools, etc.).#2. Use the library and other online resources to find the latest digital tools, and apply them to the marketing corporation. #3. Become more fluent in how a digital marketing plan is run, such as Javascript, HTML and CSS, etc.

BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENTMy objective is to understand the proper steps it takes to develop an efficient business plan. Once doing so, I will be one step closer to making a name for myself in the entertainment industry. #1. Use my organization skills to an advantage, and apply towards my field. #2. Use my organization skills with the new technology available (no more pen and paper).#3. Being able to maintain stress to where it doesn’t affect my performance.FINAL PROJECT: BUSINESS PLANMy objective for this class is to gather all of the information I have learned, over the past 12 months, and apply it to my final project. #1. Display my hard work, and accumulated knowledge, to my final project.#2. Use my final project to find new opportunities in the entertainment industry.#3. Use the skills and techniques learned over the past 12 months to apply to an entry-level position.“Real World” ExperienceEntertainment Networking SocietySocial Media ClubThe X Factor ClubExecutive Leadership Team Expanding PLNExpanding my connections through“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

Characteristics of My MentorLeaders within my industrySocial Media Coordinator at EMI Music Publishing: 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL (305-532-3361)Public Relations Assistant, Internship at Sony Music. Apply to the Spring program: Internship Program. Positions include publishing assistant, assistant marketing coordinator, etc. Locations include NY, CA, FL. Contact (212) 769-7000SPOTCO Open positions and Internships: and Broadcastjobs@spotnyc.comJameka S. Witten, Public Relations Professional, Strategic Marketing, Public Speaker and Social Media Enthusiast, Contact via LinkedIn. Closed profiles, so no other contact (phone/email) is publically displayed.b. Susan Slamer, Vice President of Music at Sony Entertainment, contact via LinkedIn. At least 5 years of experience within their field.Someone who has a balanced lifestyle, so they have time to really show me the ropes.Someone who is dedicated and very organized, to a point where I know they are reliable and efficient.Someone who has a lot of connections and networking advantages.


Graduation & BeyondGraduation in itself will be a great accomplishment. I am the only female in my family to have a Bachelor’s degree, and I will be the only one with a master’s degree. With this I will be able to enter the entertainment industry with an intellectual advantage. I will have the skills, techniques, and experience that will be sought out. My goal is to have interview set up months prior to graduation, so when the day arrives I will have opportunities lined up. Leaving graduation I will know if Law School is the next step for me, or if Marketing and Promotions is where I am meant to be. Either way, this 12 month program will provide the tools I need to succeed, on a personal and industrial level.

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