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Mal Williams - ZWIA/UK, JM Simon - Zero Waste Europe

Published Nov 17, 2013 in Other
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Network of European citizens, organisations, municipalities, companies and universities working to phase waste out of the systemZero Waste Europe - the network

PeopleZW groups in 15 EU countries

International organisations

MunicipalitiesMore than 250 municipalities: 1 % of EU population

Disposal 60-80%TRADITIONAL WASTE MANAGEMENT in EU27LandfillIncineration(WtE, gasification, pyrolisis...)Co-incineration(Cement kilns, biomass plants...)Reuse 5%Recycling 20-25%Composting 5-10%

Residual 10-20%ZERO WASTE SCENARIO – RESOURCE EFFICIENT EURepair & Reuse 10%Recycling 30-35%Composting 30-35%Prevention 10-20%

Cost of collection (green bars) and cost of treatment/disposal (blue bars)

Variation of collection in HernaniKG. x INHABITANT x YEAR

Variation of collectionSELECTIVE COLLECTION VS. RESIDUAL WASTE32,09 %77,74 %

ZW is an economic goal:Maximises efficiency in the use of resources & reduces dependencyUses technology & research to find better ways to design products & prevent waste instead of perfecting disposalDistributes & keeps the wealth in/with the community

ZW is a social goal:It creates stable local jobs: Multiplier effect; better separate collection creates more jobs in the reuse shops which creates more jobs in the repair shops.Brings the communitty together bringing back meaning to people’s life – reuse center, repair shop, community composting help people talk to eachother breaking barriers-Formalises informal economy without destroying livelihoods

ZW is an environmental goal:Reduces environmental impact of EUFocuses on energy & material preservation instead of energy generationPhases out landfill and incineration with all its emissions and toxics associatedProximity principle – contrary to what is the tendency in EU waste in ZW communitties is treated as close as possible from where it is generated

Progression from disposal to prevention to recycling in EU 27Kg/cap EU 27Resource Efficiency Roadmap requires to shift from disposal to recycling at a 5% per year until 2020

Is this possible?Not with current tools & incentives at EU level

Policy changes:Revision of recycling & prevention targets in WFD & packaging d.: From 50% to at least 75% single waste streamsRevision of landfill directive: ban landfill of biodegradable & recyclable wasteStop (co)incineration overcapacity in the EU and ban burning biodegradable & recyclable wasteEcodesign: beyond energy related products, material requirements in efficiency, dissassembly, recyclability, repairability, durability, etc)Shift funding from big scale disposal to small-medium scale prevention, reuse, recycle, compost solutionsReward energy savings from prevention & recycling more than energy generation from incinerationReform the EU ETS - open a process to develop further quality restriction criteria that ensure environmental integrity and real emission reductionsEnd EU double standards in CDM funding

It is possible!There is enough time to do the transition but we need to upgrade the instruments & tools

Thank you!