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Published Nov 2, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Bible and New MoonThe Bible & New Moons

Do You Keep Sabbath in a Biblical Way?

“At your times of rejoicing – your appointed festivals & New Moon feasts – you are to sound the trumpets over your offerings, and they will be a memorial for you before your God.”Numbers 10:10

Numbers 28: 11-15“On the first of every month, present to Yahweh a burnt offering.”“They were to stand every morning to thank and praise Yahweh... & whenever burnt offerings were presented to Yahweh on the Sabbaths, at the New Moon Feasts & also at the appointed festivals”1 Chronicles 23:31

What then is the start of the Biblical month?Have U studied this yet?Do U consider this a detail for your life?Why?How does this link to the “everlasting covenant”?

Ezekiel 46:1-3“This is what Sovereign Yahweh says: ‘The gate of the inner court facing east is to be shut on the six working days, but on the Sabbath day & on the day of the New Moon it is to be opened...On the Sabbaths & New Moons the people of the land are to worship/adore in the Presence of Yahweh at the entrance/table of that gateway.”

1 Samuel 20:5“David said, ‘Tomorrow we celebrate the new moon festival’“I am about to build a temple for the Name of Yahweh my God & to dedicate it to him for burning fragrant incense before Him, for setting out the consecrated bread regularly, & for making burnt offerings every morning & evening on the Sabbaths, at the New Moons & at the appointed festivals of Yahweh our God. This is a lasting ordinance for Israel.” 2 Chronicles 2:4

New Moon TodayWhere is it? Biblical detail for everlasting…

New Moon in Aries or New Moon in Taurus

TODAY-now in Sun-?Moon ?Venus/Taurus ?Aries/Mars?

Taurus is itFind out the secretOf divine providings & faithfulness

Taurus energy means.....

Lighting the bonfire/candleWhy is this important?

Uniting households in the bonfire sign.Uniting Nations in the bonfire sign.How to use candles/bonfires as sign of ???

Story of Patrick of HiberiaSabbaths & New Moons calculationsNew moons are signposts for the endWhat were the snakesMemorial to change & renewals monthly & set new timingsWhat will this do to the public calenders?What will this do to end times?How will U deal with it?