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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Animation: InspirationAditi RajagopalF12DM07232C

I’ve been watching animations way before I can remember. I can’t say exactly what the first ones I watched were, but I know that TV shows were a huge part of it.

Cel Animation TV shows of the early 90s required massive effort as every frame had to be drawn and coloured individually.

I used to watch a lot of anime as a kid. Although my style of drawing leans towards the western, I still have great appreciation for the detailed work and skilled technique of anime.

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama is a 1992 anime depiction of the Hindu mythological story. It was a n Indo-Japanese collaboration project. It is very special to me because it is a direct adaptation, without any changes made to the original story. It was an impactful and appealing way to learn about my culture.

Beauty and the Beast: 1991Aladdin: 1992

Tarzan: 1999Lion King: 1994

My art style is heavily influenced by Pixar

I only started appreciating animation from a technical aspect when I watched Tangled in 2010.

Archer is possibly one of the best 2D cartoon shows on air. They use rotoscoping to create realistic characters. It us supported by a good storyline and cast.

Alternative band ‘Ok Go’ makes it a point to make their music videos unique. The music video for their song ‘End Love’ uses many animation techniques such as stop motion, slo-mo cameras, time lapses etc. while the members sing the lyrics. The 4 minute video was a compression of over 16 hours of continuous footage, with over 200 hours of total footage spanning over a million frames.Steven Wilson, musician and animator comes up with strong, impactful mixed media animations with apt musical accompaniment.

The music video for ‘The Music Scene’ by Blockhead is drawn digitally by Anthony F. Schepperd. It is a trippy video in which all the elements are constantly morphing and changing in an almost overwhelming way.‘Thought of You’ is a touching animation by Ryan Woodward, using stop motion techniques. It is a beautiful dance choreography. The animation really brings it to life.

The Adventurous Adventures of One DirectionHarry PartridgeThe Last of the DashkinPokeAwesome

The Walking Dead game is based on a largely successful comic tracing the lives of survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The video game adaptation uses a form of 3D animation which emphasizes lines on the renders to retain comic-like renders.

Intro to Animation in NAFA made me realize my passion for animation so I changed majors

StrengthsHardworkingEccentricPick up softwareObsessive compulsiveWeaknessIntimidatedUnconfidentLack of StyleMy skills limit my ideas

My GoalsTo be a part of PixarTo improve the animation in IndiaTo be famous on YouTube or Tumblr as an animatorThis is the kind of stuff I want to do