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Published Oct 19, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Responsible Consumers ClubThe goal of the Responsible Consumers Club is to empower people to research and understand the affects of their consumption choicesTo help you make decisions based on what is important to you.

Components EducationCollaborationPresentationAction

StructureWe meet every other week, rotating two types of meetings:Working MeetingsSharing MeetingsWe record the results of our research on our website

Why Does it Matter?You can vote with your walletCompanies respond to consumer demand

How to Research ProductsOur model is designed to work for everyone (you don’t need a PhD to participate!)Its not an exact science, but we try to be as systematic and rigorous in our approach as we canYou can start with a site like or, and expand from there…

Further ResearchCompany sustainability reportsLook for transparency, beware of green washingCheck multiple sources from 3rd partiesBeware of the underlying motivations behind the information you find

Evaluating Labels and CertificationsUnderstanding what a label or certification means is paramountHow transparent is it about its criteria?How is it governed?What issues and sectors does it cover?

Make a DecisionYour decision may be different from others makeIt doesn’t have to be perfect, just more informed than ones you’ve made in the past. 