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Published Oct 15, 2013 in Travel
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

HollyElite’s Guide to IndiaAmazing Secrets of India

IntroductionIndia is a country which has world’s oldest, ans largest civilization and largest democracy as well.This country has thousand years of history.India is a part of Asia and excatly in soth Asia.This is the seventh largest country by land area.

This country has no national language but Hindi is an official language and this is also a largest english speaking nation in the world.Officially name of India is Bharat Ganrajya (Republic of India).You can easily find the ancient buildings and structures in all over India.

Interesting Facts of IndiaThere are 300000 mosques in India.This is the highest number of mosques in the world including muslim countries.Sanskrit language of India is mother of all european languages.

India has the largest number of post offices in the world.Yoga is originated by India, so this is the best country for yoga and meditation tour.

The cow is a sacred animal for Indians and the people put a tilak on a cow’s head as a symbol of good fortune.Snakes and Ladders game also originated in India.The national game of India is Hockey.Cricket is the most popular game in this country.

This is the only country which has largest amount of vegetarians in the world.The most of Indians are Hindus and this country also has a large Islamic population.Martial Arts is created in India and then spread to Asia by Buddhist missionaries.

Varanasi is the ancient and oldest city of the world.This ancient city of india is continuously populated.

India is also world famous because of its geographical diversity such as desert, rock beaches, large planes, mountain ranges, sand beaches and others. This is the best destination who loves heritage places. You can easily find heritage sites in India.

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