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Thrive Africa 2014

Published Oct 8, 2013 in Other
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Volunteering in Ghana in 2014!Information Presentation for Easter and Summer 2014

Why Volunteer?Thrive AfricaThe communityThe community you’ll work with needs resources and assistance from volunteers worldwide.Whether they require help with developing a new project, or just an extra hand with an on-going program, the community benefits from the efforts of dedicated volunteers. Thrive Africa projects actively engage people, creating jobs and providing valuable career training and experience for those who need it. Volunteers also contribute greatly to the local economy through tourism.YourselfBuilds upon your existing abilities and trains you in new ones. Gain measurable skills, like a new language or woodworking. Gain soft skills, such as self-confidence. Enhance your CV and employability.Expand your knowledge of international development and the charitable sector.

Why Thrive Africa?Thrive Africa100% of the money you raise goes to the local charity in Ghana.We are experienced, reputable and one the largest volunteering organisations in Ghana.We manage our own projects ensuring they deliver fruitful, sustainable, long term positive impacts on the host community.We have long standing positive relationships with local stake holders and organisations alike.

Introducing GhanaThrive AfricaLocated In: West AfricaCapital: AccraArea: 92,098 sq milesPopulation: 25.37 MillionCurrency: CediTime Zone: GMTMain Languages: English, Twi, Akan, Ewe.Politics: Multi-party democracyMain Religions: Christianity, Islam, Indigenous Beliefs.Main Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Timber, Various Minerals, Tuna.

Projects – Library BuildingWill be a resource for generations of children.Gives students & teachers access to educational resources that most have never had access to.Provides a great learning environment.We renovate old school buildings or unused space.We do everything we can to ensure the libraries are of a high standard from painting the walls, building furniture to fixing windows and putting the books on the shelves.

Projects – Library BuildingThrive Africa

Projects – Library BuildingThrive Africa

Projects – Orphanage RedevelopmentWorking with Kumasi Orphanage to make small improvements to facilities.Building vegetable patches to offset kitchen costs and provide a learning resource.Building a library for all ages.Helping caregivers in daily duties.Assist with developments & provide maintenance of vegetable garden.

Projects – Orphanage Redevelopment

Projects – Orphanage RedevelopmentThrive Africa

Projects – Orphanage RedevelopmentThrive Africa

Projects – Orphan Welfare AgendaProvides home based care to 270 Orphans.Provides, food, education & healthcare.Assisting at food distribution days.Assisting with distribution of bicycles.Supporting daily operations.Working on projects such as ‘The office build’ renovating a building for operational use.

Projects – Orphan Welfare AgendaThrive Africa

Projects – Orphan Welfare AgendaThrive Africa

Projects – Disaster PreventionPlanting fruit trees to prevent heavy rain from subsiding mud housing.Planting around 200 trees per day around community housing.A quick and effective prevention method developed with local stakeholders.Fruit from tree acts as a source of essential vitamins.

Projects – Disaster Prevention

Projects – Disaster PreventionThrive Africa

Projects SummaryThrive AfricaYou will work on all 4 projects during your stay in Ghana.You will split your time between 2 project bases.4 Week trip you will spend 2 weeks at each project base.3 Week trip you will spend 2 weeks at one project base and 1 week at a second project base.

AchievementsThrive Africa201264 School libraries built.80,000 Books donated.18 Farms built for caregivers of HIV/AIDS Orphans.Bicycles distributed to caregivers.Over 4,000 trees planted to prevent rain damage.Orphanage vegetable garden extended.201122 School libraries built.60,000 Books donated.Orphanage vegetable garden built.20108 School libraries built.16,000 Books donated.201377 School libraries built.80,000 Books donated.74 Farms built for caregivers of HIV/AIDS Orphans.Over 6750 trees planted to prevent rain damage.Orphanage vegetable garden extended further.

Accommodation, Food & TransportThrive AfricaAccommodationProject accommodation varies as we have 2 project bases in Ghana but you can expect the following:Shared rooms with average of 6 other peopleRunning water & electricityLarge social spacesTV & DVD player, board games and other activitiesClose to amenities and sports fieldsIn safe & secure neighborhoodsSome of our accommodation benefits from being close to swimming poolsFood3 Meals per day providedClean drinking water on projects and at mealsVariety of English, international and Ghanaian foodCan cater for most dietary requirementsTransportTo ensure safety we use our own minibuses and drivers

Accommodation - Kumasi

Accommodation - Bolgatanga

Thrive AfricaStaffPhilo & Jerry with their sonKitchen Manager & Assistant DirectorMaxwell with his wife and their sonThrive Africa DirectorKwameThrive Africa Project Manager

Health & SafetyWe take health & safety very seriously and to ensure yours and the people of the community you will be working in we undertake the following:Full risk assessments of work & excursionsAll team leaders & project managers first aid trainedEmploy our own drivers and run our own vehiclesProvide 24/7 assistanceGhana is a safe & welcoming country and we want to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time.

SupportThrive AfricaUKFundraising kitVolunteering guideProject guideOnline fundraising pageOnline volunteer areaOnline forum to meet other volunteersFundraising phone & email supportVolunteer phone & email supportGhanaExperienced UK & Ghanaian team leadersWelcoame packProject training & inductionExcursion leaders

FundraisingWe aim to help volunteers raise the full amount needed, we do this by providing the following:Fundraising kitFundraising forum & guideT-shirts, Flyers, bookmarks and other promotional materialsOnline fundraising pageAdvice & guidance

Travel & TourismThere is plenty to see and do in Ghana.Thrive Africa produces a schedule which allows you to complete all your project work and have adequate time off to visit most if not all the attractions Ghana has to offer.Most evenings and weekends are yours to explore and your activities leader will be on hand to help organise them, they’ll also attend most of them to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Travel & TourismMole National ParkThrive Africa

Travel & TourismKente WeavingThrive Africa

Travel & TourismYou can expect to visit the following places during your time in Ghana:Mole National ParkBosomtwi lakeCape Coast beachKintampo waterfallsRainforest canopy walkPage crocodile pondMonkey sanctuaryNational Culture CentreCraft marketsAshanti king’s palaceWar museumCape Coast castleTono damLarabanga mosque

Travel & TourismOtumfuo Osei Tutu II – King of The Ashanti

Travel & TourismKintampo FallsThrive Africa

Travel & TourismBoabeng-Fiema Monkey SanctuaryThrive Africa

Travel & TourismCape Coast BeachThrive Africa

What’s Included & What’s NotThrive AfricaWhat’s not includedFlights (from £400 if booked in advance & flexible)Travel insurance (from £30)Visa (£40-50 usually)Vaccinations (from free, varies on needs.)Anti-Malaria Medication (from £20)Tourist excursionsWhat’s includedProject Accommodation3 Meals per daySafe drinking waterMet & dropped off at AirportAirport transfers to and from project baseAll project related transportAll project materials & equipmentProject T-ShirtsDiscounted travel insuranceDiscounted excursion package24/7 In-country staff24/7 Emergency support

CostsThrive Africa

Where does my money go?Thrive AfricaYour depositThe deposit you pay is used for the following:MarketingRecruitmentInformation eventsFundraising kitVolunteer kitWebsite & volunteer areaDonation processingPhone & email supportThe money your raise100% of the money you raise is sent to Ghana to be used by the charity as follows:Project materialsStaff wagesVolunteer food & accommodationProject transportOffice operations, equipment & suppliesCommunicationStaff travelStaff trainingOn the volunteer noticeboard in Ghana will be an up to date full breakdown of expenditure.

Flights, Visas, Vaccinations & InsuranceThrive AfricaFlightsFlights can be purchased from £400 if you book in advance and are flexible with time and airline.We will inform you when to book your flights.VisasWe will inform you of when you should apply for your visa. Which is usually 3 months before departure. Visas cost £50. VaccinationsWe ask all volunteers to seek advice from their GP.If you’ve travelled before you may not need any vaccinations but if you haven’t you may need some before travel. Vaccinations can cost from free to the average being £60.InsuranceDown Under Insurance offers Thrive Africa volunteers a discount on travel insurance, policies start from around £28.

Testimonials Thrive AfricaThrive Africa has to do date received 100% positive feedback. Every volunteer that has given feedback has stated they would recommend volunteering with us. “Spending four weeks in Ghana with the Thrive Africa team was an incredible experience.”“I can honestly say it was the best four weeks of my life…” “…as well as continually having a great time. It really has been a life changing experience, would completely do it all again, and 100% recommend it to a friend.” “All the people on the trip were strangers at the start, but soon became really great friends..”“I keep looking back at photos and wishing I was still there now.”Connie James, 2013 Volunteer (Taken from

What’s Next?Thrive AfricaIf you have been accepted to volunteer with Thrive Africa you will receive a link to the sign up page, simply follow those instructions and pay your deposit.Once your deposit is paid and you complete the sign up on our website you are a confirmed volunteer.Once confirmed you can log in to your volunteer area and start fundraising.We will keep you updated on flights, visas, vaccinations, schedules etc.

Thrive PlacementsThrive PlacementsYou might also be interested to know that we offer specific placements for people wanting to undertake more specialised volunteering.We offer placements in care, teaching, journalism & dissertation research tripsWe also arrange overseas electives/placements for students studying a variety of healthcare related degree courses.We offer the following electives/placements: Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Radiography & Lab Technicians.Find out more at

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