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Published Sep 24, 2013 in Animals
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RuffTail Runners training deck, 09/21/2013

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


Not Just FunWe all have responsibilities to:You, the runnersThe dogsThe publicThe sheltersThe program

BasicsOnce trained, you can run anytime from 8am to 7pm, as conditions allowFront desk is staffed by RuffTail volunteers from 8am-11am. We always need help!Only trained runners may handle dogsOnly one dog per runner

The Kennel ListAlways check:Collar color – you may ONLY run Pink and Green!Notes – diet restrictions, notes on children, etc.RuffTail rating

Dog RankingRTR 1 = Easy dog, trots, easy pace, stops to watch ducks, sniffsRTR 2 = Easy, some pulling, SQUIRRELS, medium paceRTR 3 = Let’s go, some pulling, faster pace, comeonlet’sgoShort/Walk, etc.NO = NO

Check-Out ProcessOn entering Bldg. B, you will:Leave your ID (no exceptions)Take your phone (no exceptions)Write legibly in the logbook (no exceptions. Please)You will need:

The WhiteboardFind dog’s nameVerify collar colorVerify RTR approval Time out: put “RTR” next to time

Maintain The BubbleAlways maintain a 10-12 bubble around you and your dogBe careful in the yard and going through Bldg. BDo not be shy!

On the trail (or road)Run on the right, with dog on your rightOn the street, run on your left, with dog on your leftMeeting other dogs: Not. Ever.Meeting people: Good.Meeting pigs: Maybe.

Weather95+ NO DOG LEAVES APA GROUNDS, PERIOD!90-94 Only walks to nearest water85-89 Walks only:30 minutes or less;Frequent water and soakingsNo dogs 7 years old or older, or under 1 yearNo short-nosed, long-haired, or dark-colored dogs80-84 Walks under an hour, or runs 30 mins or less (dog should be at a brisk walk, or light trot)80+ No running on pavement

NOT-itorium Shores

Do These ThingsHave funRoll aroundFall in loveGo swimming (on leash)RunAdvertise your dogSpread the word

Don’t Do These ThingsLeave your dogGo off leashGo to Auditorium ShoresMeet other dogsRun to exhaustion

BenefitsRTR cards hold stampsImmediately good for 10% off at Luke’s Locker1 stamp for each dog you run12 stamps in 30 days = $25 gift card from Hill Country Running CompanyYou stay healthyDog stays awesome

Find UsEmergency number: (512) (Instagram)