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Published Sep 10, 2013 in Travel
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

TOUR AND TRAVELS INDIABest Destination for vacations and travelling

INTRODUCTIONIndia is a country which belongs to South Asia and seventh largest country by area.In India you can meet with different religions people.People of India welcome their guests as a family member and they follow a slogan that says “Athithi Devo Bhava” means “Guest is God”. In this country you can see various traditions.This is the best country for your tours or vacations.

India is a famous country in worldwide because of its greatest history and geographical conditions.India is a destination where the tourists can find various heritage destinations, which attract tourists.In India you can easily find the hotels and motels or resturants easily, and they offer you great facilities.India provides you great facilities of transport. India has best air and ground transport for domestic and international travellers.

India is also famous because its civilization is 5000 year old.In India there is 18 official languages and 325 languages spoken.As we know India has seventh largest country by area , it covers 3.28 million sq. Kilometers.India has fourth largest economy.The biggest employer in the world is indian railway.India is also famous for its IT sector which is growing fastest.

AGRICULTURE OF INDIAIndia exports agriculture products to the world such as Tea, Cloths, Jewelry, Iron Ore, Leather, and etc.India imports agriculture products such as Food, Gems, Chemicals, Steel and Iron and etc.India’s main products such as Wheat, Rice, Tea, Sugar Cane, Spices and etc.

SOME OTHER INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT INDIAMind game “Chess” was invented in India.Calculus, Trignometry and Algebra, originated in India.India is a country, where you can find the largest number of post offices. India exports softwares to 90 countries.Yoga is also originated in india.“Sanskrit ” is mother of all european languages.India is the largst democracy in the world.

TOP DESTINATION IN INDIAIndia is a country where you can choose various destination for spending your valuable vacations.But here we suggest a list of some destinations of India which are considered as Top Destinations in India.These destinations are famous and well-known by the worldwide tourists.

Destinations which are considered as Top Destination in India are:RajasthanKashmirDarjeelingKeralaShimlaGolden TriangleGoaVaranasiAgra and others

ATTRACTIVE PLACES OF INDIAIndia has various attractive places for the tourists, where they can enjoy their important and valuable holidays with their family or friends.For the nature lovers India has western ghats, hill stations, lakes deserts, wildlife, waterfall in himalya and etc.There are various hill stations in India such as Pachmarhi, Srinagar, Shimla, Manali, Shillong, Nainital, Gulmarg, Mount Abu, and etc.India has several lakes and beaches also for the tourists such as nanital lake, chandra, dal, suraj tal, emerald and others which can make your holidays more interesting.

ABOUT IZONETRIPWe are the tour and travels company in india.Izonetrip offers you special packages and hot offers according to your requirements.We also provide the facility of experts, so you can consult about the tour with them.Izonetrip respects their guests and care about their journey so we provide other services such as train, bus, flight tickets and best hotels and restaurants too.

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