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Published Jan 19, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Mobile app development project

By: Ben Sterling

My Favorite App: Youtube Repeat
App is used to search videos and repeat

This is commonly used for music

Can run on Android and is free

The creators of the app are the creators of the listenonrepeat website

App would be better with increment counter

Youtube Repeat: Requirements
app has a text field used to search titles

app has enter button to search for the title

Redirects to page with video when link is clicked

Play bar comes up when video is touched

Play bar goes away when video or background is clicked

Back button takes user back to title page

Mrs. Vandalen’s favorite app: FRED
Mrs. Vandalen enjoys the app because:
It is easy to compare different stocks and stocks to economic indicators
It lists very important actions of the FED
The FRED app is used to search companies stocks

This app will:
take the input of stocks and display the graph of the stock
compare the stock to other economic indicators and companies
it will list notifications of actions by the FED.

FRED APP: Other details
This app can run on the iPhone and Android, and it costs $4.99

FRED was made by the St. Louis Fed

Biggest problem with this app is crashing
This can be fixed by using the method dealloc:
-(void) dealloc{
[super dealloc];
[obj release];

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-Youtube Repeat Picture:
-Fred App picture:

Mobile app development project

By: Ben Sterling