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Published Aug 8, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

$100k+ /yr.Careers In TheCoffee Industry

If you are searching for acareer that is…


Full Time or Part Time

Free of Micro-Management


Helping & Empowering People Everyday…

You are in the right place!

“The best part of waking up is ____________ in your cup!”

-$18 Billion dollar/yr industrySo Why Coffee?Most consumed beverage / most traded commodity after oil.-500 million cups consumed daily in United States-Only product in the world you can retail at 500% markup and people will still buy from you! 

Starbucks Menu:-100% - 300% Markup For Hot Coffee-Up to 500% Markup For Blended Iced Drinks

Q: Why is SBUX bumpingup its cup sizes?A: To squeeze more profits per serving!$5+ For Blended Frap$6+ for Trenta w/tax

SBUX Annual Revenue 2012= $13,000,000,000SBUX TOTALASSETS 2012= $8,400,000,000

More SBUX Than MCD’s In 10 yearsMCD Founded in 195525,663  STORESSBUX Founded in 1971 18,000 STORESSBUX will overtake MCD in next decade even though they had a 16 year late start. MCD now copying SBUXCoffee is BIG business! >


Food Prices Last 50 Years In United StatesSource:“Customers are willing to pay dearly for their java habit - $80 for a half-pound of rare, roasted beans and $3 and up for a cup of individually prepared "pour over," high-tech "siphon" coffee, or old school espresso. Those prices are as much as triple the cost for an average cup of coffee and bean prices are at least 10 times more.” -Reuters

Orange County Register July, 30, 2013A new player is stepping into the coffee wars in Orange County. Oh, and it sells doughnuts, too.Dunkin' Donuts, which is ubiquitous on the East Coast, recently announced it has signed its first Southern California multi-unit store development agreements with four franchise groups, which will open 45 new restaurants in 2015. Newport Beach-based Frontier Group plans to develop 18 restaurants in Central Orange County and the South Bay area of Los Angeles County.

The Canton, Mass.-based chain, which has long been known for doughnuts, drip coffee and breakfast food, has lately been positioning itself more as a coffee retailer. "In our business, beverages are the holy grail for profitability for ritual, for repeat business," said Paul Carbone, Dunkin' Brands CFO, at a recent consumer conference hosted by investment bank Jeffries. "We are a beverage company."

How far will coffee connoisseurs go?Kopi Luwak (luwak coffee) considered “caviar” of coffee.

$50 Per Cup, Thank You!


Coffee Consumption: Since 15th Century

If you go to Starbucks religiously everyday and spend $3 for a year, that’s $1095 spent on coffeehabit.The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $4.50 to $5.00, plus taxes. A smoker who smokes a pack a day will, on average, spend about spends $49 dollars a week, $208 dollars a month, and $2,548 a year. 

Coffee PaydaysWhat if you can collect $0.11 to $0.18per cup for people to drink coffeefrom you everyday, multiple times a day?You would easily earn $100 to $200 passiveincome daily by servicing clients on our company’s gourmet coffee subscriptionservice.500 Subs. . . 1,000 Subs. . . 5000 Subs. . . You Do The Math!

-We pay you PROFITSWhy Work With CoffeeCareersUSA?-We teach YOU how to build a six-figure coffee wholesale/retail business-Do more business by yourself than average-sized Starbucks does in a month! -Build a solid financial foundation in 12-14 months -Receive invaluable mentorship and training

The 12 Month Program To $100,000+/YR - Close the sale once, keep getting paid on active subscriptions. - Top account executives manage 1000+ subscription accounts. - It usually takes 12 Months to grow to 1000+ subs. Your sales team helps you in your account building efforts. Get paid from both international and domestic accounts*

Fast Start BonusesPer wholesale unit you move, you will receive a $20, $80 or $150 fast-start bonus No limit on number of fast-start bonus you can receive.

Residual Income Potential with Wholesale Coffee500 Sub. Accounts x $50 Sub. x .20% = $5000 Monthly Payout*Note = Subscriptions vary from $50, $100 to $200 per month, per client.1000 Sub. Accounts x $50 Sub. x .20% = $10,000 Monthly Payout**Long Story Short….**4000 Sub. Accounts x $50 Sub. x .20% = $40,000 Monthly PayoutCommission Cap Is $300,000 Per Month OR $75,000 Weekly.

How To Earn With UsEarn $100 - $300 everyday on fast-track bonus plus 20% of your entire monthly volume* (wholesale + subscription) *20% of your sales team volume

Income Illustrations 3rd MonthClose (10) $1299 wholesale units per month = $1,500($150 Fast-Track Bonus x 10 = $1500)(10) x $1299 units = $13,000 monthly vol x .20% = $2600$50 monthly subscription x 200 accounts= $10,000 x .20 = $2,000 Total monthly income = $6100

Income Illustrations 6th MonthClose (20) $1299 wholesale units per month = $3,000 ($150 Fast-Track Bonus x 20 = $3,000)(20) x $1299 units = $26,000 monthly vol x .20% = $5200$50 monthly subscription x 400 accounts= $20,000 x .20 = $4,000 Total monthly income = $12,220

Income Illustrations 12th MonthClose (30) $1299 wholesale units per month = $4,500 ($150 Fast-Track Bonus x 30 = $4,500)(30) x $1299 units = $39,000 monthly vol x .20% = $7,800$50 monthly subscription x 800 accounts= $20,000 x .20 = $8,000 Total monthly income = $20,300

How To Get Your CarAchieve $14,000 volume for two consecutive months and you’ll receive a dealership voucher and drive a company car for free.