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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

6601 TARNEF DRIVE / SUITE 200 HOUSTON TEXAS 77074 PHN 713 774 4652 FAX 713 774 4666 SemanaNews is Houston222s largest weekly Spanish-language newspaper focusing on issues relevant to the Hispanic community. Since 1992, SemanaNews has been committed to providing Houston222s Hispanic population with concise and accurate news coverage. SemanaNews reports on local and national headlines, including lifestyle issues pertinent to Spanish speaking families in the greater Houston area, the fifth largest Hispanic market in the U.S. Additionally, SemanaNews has a group of professional journalists who understand the needs of a diverse group of Latin nationalities. SemanaNews offers prompt and responsive service that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of our clients. We provide a valuable media channel at a competitive price. The unique and sophisticated Newspan Media Home Delivery System, guarantees the most effective print vehicle for your advertising message. SemanaNews offers a wide selection of advertising services and marketing products that efficiently reach the Hispanic market. Semana gives you the opportunity to reach the fastest growing market segment in the United States. By using Census and other proprietary data, we have been able to target neighborhoods in Houston that seek news and product information in Spanish. SemanaNews is the source for a range of innovative services to reach Houston222s Hispanic community. SemanaNews is delivered every Sunday and is CAC audited.Newspan Media Corp., publisher of SemanaNews and SoloAutos Magazine, has pro- vided Spanish literature to the Hispanic community since 1985. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Newspan Media was recognized by the Greater Houston Partnership as one of the 100 fastest growing businesses in 1990, 1991 and 1995.

Marina Gil marinagil@semananews.comMarina Gil is an engaging and highly experienced journalist with over 20 years of experience in Mexico and USA. She holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication from the UANL (Universidad Aut363noma de Nuevo Le363n). Gil began her career as a reporter, quickly moving to an on-air position and has been working in the field since she was a student. She has worked as a reporter for Multimedios, TV Azteca, Canal 43, Inmigrante TV, radio stations and several newspapers. Gil222s sparkling personality and dynamic, makes her a great asset to the SemanaNews team.Giselle Bueno gbueno@semananews.comNew ideas an enthusiasm from the young professionals like Giselle will keep SemanaNews fresh and moving forward. Bueno is a graduate of the University of Houston where she attained her B.A. in Print Journalism with a minor in Spanish. While at UH she was a reporter and copy editor for the Daily Cougar and held internships at Telemundo and TV Informa. Her duties at allow her to put in practice her knowledge in multimedia journalism as well as in writing articles, biographies, essays, editorials and research reports. Bueno counts with a strong written and oral fluency in English and Spanish. She is a Houstonian, raised in Monterrey, Nuevo Le363n, M351xico, and living in the States since she was 17 years young.Jos351 Luis Castillo jcastillo@semananews.comAs the Editor-in-Chief he brings to SemanaNews a lot of experience from different media outlets. He served more than a decade as a Texas correspondent for Efe News Services, the largest Hispanic newswire worldwide. He also worked as a content producer for the Telemundo Production Center for almost three years, where he helped produce six daily newscasts in different markets. Born and raised in Lima, Per372, Castillo is an award-winning journalist who believes that the best way of keeping the community informed and up-to-date is with a great story in print, online, and in images.Laura M. G363mez lauragomez@semananews.comLaura M. G363mez graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in journalism and Hispanic studies. Although she focuses on sports she has also covered hard news. She has been working as a reporter in diverse broadcasting and press media in Houston. In her short career, this Colombian journalist has covered the Dynamo, Texans, Astros, Rockets, Aeros and several other important events. Raised in Houston she believes in finding out the truth so that her community can be rightly informed.Domingo Banda domingobanda@semananews.comDomingo222s work has been seen and heard in Houston for over six years. He has covered relevant Latino events, bringing to the entertainment section of SemanaNews his experience as a reporter and photographer, besides his particular point of view. He has been a contributor to publications across the country, such as La Prensa de San Antonio, Estrenos Magazine (Los Angeles, CA), Peri363dico Sucesos (Houston, TX), Revista M341s ( Chicago, IL), Revista Xpresion (McAllen, TX), and the online magazine He has also worked as a reporter in Area Zero, which is a local TV show. Banda was born in San Luis Potos355, M351xico.JOURNALIST BIOS

Gente (People)Time to shine! From a professional advancement to a non- for-profit fundraiser, these distinguished individuals are com-mended each week. This section also includes an opinion column and a letter from the editors.Portada (Feature)Whether it222s The World Cup, the Spanish Grammy222s or presi-dential coverage, SemanaNews delivers the facts about the most significant issues of the week.Nacional (National)The top news from around the country and the world, com-bined with informed analysis and investigative features, explores major trends, issues and stories.Houston (Local)News of special interest to Houstonians and surrounding residents. From the City Council to the suburbs, from the metro business to profiles of local celebrities, SemanaNews accurately covers Houston with an insider222s eye.M351xico (Mexico)Covering information from political campaigns to business updates, news affecting Mexico is brought to our readers with accuracy and timeliness.Hogar y Familia/Salud (Home and Family/Health)Along with providing design ideas and activities for the entire family, this section also includes practical tips on home improvement, expert advice columns and extensive health and fitness coverage.Semanautos (Autos)Car buyers and enthusiasts steer to the Autos section for the latest industry news, the newest car models and some of the most complete car listings anywhere.Deportes (Sports)SemanaNews means sports! All the games, all the scores, all the playmakers. Our Sports section offers insightful com-mentary and upfront opinions.Espect341culos (Entertainment)SemanaNews goes behind the scenes and offers a closer look at Hollywood222s hottest Hispanic stars. Presenting artist EDITORIAL CONTENT profiles and features on the business of entertainment and the creative process itself, our Entertainment section shares the lives and careers of actors, singers and musicians.Destinos (Destinations)From weekend escapes to fantasy hideaways, this section is the place to go for great ideas on travel destinations. It features coverage of fascinating and exotic getaways and the means to get you there.Fin de Semana (Weekend)SemanaNews provides an in-depth look at the cultural scene, presenting reviews of theater, movies, dance, music, books and television. An extensive list of area events, exhibits, openings and getaways is also included.En Proyecci363n (On the Screen)Houstonians know what222s hot at the movies. The On the Screen section includes detailed summaries about new and upcoming movies. SEMANA etcetera (Classifieds)Our classified section provides all the information our read-ers need. From buying a new car to employment, it can all be found here.

I þnternationalNTERNATIONAL Rank þ Countr y þ Hispanic Population þ (millions) 1 þ Mexico þ 103.4 2 þ Colombia þ 44.2 3 þ United States þ 43.5 4 þ Spain þ 41.1 5 þ Ar gentina þ 38.4 6 þ Per u þ 27.1 7 þ V enezuela þ 25.6 8 þ Chile þ 15.8 9 þ Ecuador þ 13.0 10 þ Guatemala þ 12.3 Sour ce: United Nations World Prospects 226 Top 10 Countries T þe E X þas AS T exas Population Statistics (24.4 million total population) 36.7% þ Hispanic 47.1% þ Non-Hispanic White 3.6% þ Asian and Pacific Islanders 12.2 þ African American Sour ce: Latin Force Group LLC 2008 Series H þouston OUSTON H þispanic ISPANIC O þrigins RIGINS 39% þ Bor n in USA 61% þ Bor n outside the USA Note: 40% (of the 61%) have been in the US less than 10 years H þouston OUSTON 222 þs S H þeritage ERITAGE B þrea REA K þdo DO W þn N 73% þ Mexican 6% þ Central American 2% þ South American 1% þ Puer to Rican 1% þ Cuban 17% þ All Other Sour ce: Scarborough Hispanic Custom Study (Ref 1 2005) (Sep 2004 226 Feb 2005) 2000 US Census Bureau FactfinderH þispanicISPANICþpopulation POPULA TIONþdemographics DEMOGRAPHICS Houston Ethnicity by AgeSource: NSI and MHSI - P2 + UE's 2006/06 DMA / Houston Language Preference Source: NHSI Readership target AudienceSource: HPR Readership Study/2000 H þispanicISPANIC M þarAR K þetET P þrofileROFILE % of Houston222s Hispanic Adults 18+Mar ried þ 57% One or More Children þ 64% Employed þ 70% High School Graduate þ 30% Some College Education þ 30% Special / T ech or Vocational School þ 23% Own Home þ 55% Rent Resident þ 38% Own Computers þ 39% Used Any Restaurant (week) þ 69% One + Trips Outside U.S. (3 years) þ 47% Used Any Cr edit Card (3 months) þ 53% Sour ce: Scarborough Hispanic Custom Study (Ref 1 2005) (Sep 2004 226 Feb 2005) L þanguage ANGUAGE P þreference REFERENCE Nearly 49% of Houston222s Hispanic households ar e Spanish dominant speaking with less than 10% English only. Source: NHSI

H þispanicISPANICþpopulation POPULA TIONþdemographics DEMOGRAPHICS Source: Latin Force Group, LLC,Market DataStream:2008 Series and US Census Bureau1990) H þouston OUSTON DMA Percent of Multicultural Population -2008 þ 1980 þ 2000 þ Change þ 2008 þ Change African-American þ 716,198 þ 840,044 þ 17% þ 1,092,181.00 þ 30% þ Asian & Paci037c Islander þ 131,213 þ 229,691 þ 75% þ 349,844.00 þ 45% þ Hispanic þ 805,575 þ 1,414,818 þ 76% þ 2,050,892.00 þ 35% þ T otal Population þ 4,032,736 þ 5,020,575 þ 25% þ 6,151,228.00 þ 16% Source: Latin Force Group LLC .American Marketscape DataStream :2008 Series. þ HISPANIC HOUSEHOLD INCOMES Houston is among the Top Hispanic Market222s Income levels 61,388.00 þ Los Angeles 68,059.00 þ New Y ork 69,426.00 þ Miami/Ft. Lauder dale 54,435.00 þ Houston 58,131.00 þ Chicago Source: Scarborough 2005 TOP 10 DMA222S BY 1990-2013 GRO þW W TH RATES Total Population þ % Gr owth þ HISP ANIC þ %Gr owth þ NHWHITE þ %Gr owth þ NHBLACK þ %Gr owth þ NHASIAN &NHPI þ % Gr owth 1. New York þ 20,854,029 þ 12% þ 4,342,983 þ 59% þ 11,000,544 þ -7% þ 3,336,844 þ 10% þ 1,875,069 þ 120% 2. Los Angeles þ 17,766,405 þ 24% þ 7,908,138 þ 71% þ 6,153,621 þ -14% þ 1,185,575 þ 1% þ 2,115,909 þ 63% 3. Chicago þ 9,790,606 þ 17% þ 9,790,606 þ 121% þ 5,514,280 þ -3% þ 1,707,026 þ 10% þ 521,022 þ 108% 4. Philadelphia þ 7,880,178 þ 10% þ 7,880,178 þ 140% þ 5,342,645 þ -4% þ 1,420,263 þ 22% þ 349,144 þ 161% 5. Dallas-Ft.Worth þ 6,947,664 þ 55% þ 6,947,664 þ 240% þ 3,760,461 þ 16% þ 937,793 þ 56% þ 314,263 þ 227% 6. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose þ 6,892,924 þ 15% þ 6,892,924 þ 75% þ 3,144,206 þ -14% þ 422,047 þ -16% þ 1,548,025 þ 76% 7. Atlanta þ 6,509,461 þ 72% þ 6,509,461 þ 901% þ 3,683,160 þ 32% þ 1,851,949 þ 111% þ 249,202 þ 359% 8 . Boston(Manchester) þ 6,243,186 þ 10% þ 6,243,186 þ 97% þ 5,053,331 þ 0% þ 338,516 þ 44% þ 329,488 þ 146% 9 . Washington DC(Hagerstown) þ 6,212,558 þ 31% þ 6,212,558 þ 209% þ 3,429,258 þ 7% þ 1,476,783 þ 35% þ 484,983 þ 139% 10 . Houston þ 6,151,228 þ 53% þ 6,151,228 þ 155% þ 2,050,892 þ 11% þ 1,039,145 þ 47% þ 343,707 þ 166%

3 10 14 18 11 13 21 17 19 20 15 7 23 25 28 9 6 2 1 5 8 27 24 27 26 29 22 16 12 4 20 Houston Metro Area N ZONE Number of Copies 1 4,711 2 6,489 3 7,022 4 7,404 5 4,613 6 7,865 7 8,483 8 5,923 9 4,580 10 3,922 11 4,404 12 5,015 13 4,124 14 3,847 15 4,162 16 5,314 17 5,364 18 5,944 19 2,424 20 3,757 21 3,232 22 6,217 23 8,783 24 5,777 25 5,964 26 2,342 27 2,710 28 4,033 29 575 145,000 þsemanaSEMANA COVERAGE Since 1992, SemanaNews has set the standard for excellence in Hispanic news, sports, and entertain- ment reporting. Weekly, SemanaNews reaches nearly half a million Hispanics, as well as an international cadre of readers on its website totaling 10,000 unique visitors and 200,000 hits per month.With over 5,000 distribution points, SemanaNews provides one of the most comprehensive communica-tion gateways to Houston222s Hispanic Community. D þoor OOR -2-D þoor OOR D þelivery ELIVERY SemanaNews222 door-to-door deliver y program is one of our proudest accomplishments. In a proverbial nutshell, it222s a state-of-the-art geo-demographic targeting delivery system. This reliable delivery program provides for a targeted coverage of Hispanic consumers throughout Houston. Also, GPS verification track-ing provides for a greater delivery assurance 227 a proven delivery media for Fortune 1000 companies. The SemanaNews222 door-to-door delivery system is designed to be a measurable delivery method, capable of generating positive ROI and is a great delivery mechanism for product sampling.

ADV þertisingERTISING þopportOPPORT U þnitiesNITIES þinclINCL UD þeE : Run Of Pr ess, Classified and Pre-Printed Inserts. D þisplay ISPLAY C þlassifieds LASSIFIEDS Open Rate per column inch þ. ................ $41.19* Color 20% additional* Net rate (Classified = 6 column) Classified þD D eadlines þ Ads due by T uesday prior to publication at 5pm. þ Classified of fice hours 9am-6pm. M-F. Ad Specs 1 col. þ. .................................................... 1.6 in. 2 col. þ. .................................................. 3.33 in. 3 col. þ. ....................................................... 5 in. 4 col. þ. .................................................... 6.8 in. 5 col. þ. .................................................. 8.25 in. 6 col. þ. .................................................. 10.5 in. Page Depth þ. .......................................... 12.5 in. þ Adver tisers must check ads for accuracy on þ the first day of publication. þ W e do no accept complaints after 2nd week. þ The publisher r eserves the right to cancel any ad at any time. * þ All times CST . G þeneral ENERAL þpolicy POLICY Political advertising must be paid in advance of publica- tion Ads must be labeled224 Paid political advertisement224 (They should be paid before Space deadline ends) No advertising can be canceled after normal deadlines. If an ad must be pulled out after normal deadline, the space must be used on the next edition by the adver-tiser, or the advertiser will be billed the original space ordered. Inserts cancel after deadline(less than 10 days in advance), late-arriving inserts, or inserts improperly folded, skidded or trimmed will be charged an additional handling fee, based on costs incurred by SemanaNews. Fail to comply with minimum dollar frequency agreement amount will þ  incur in charging full price as shown on SemanaNewspaper current Rate Card. A 2% discount will be awarded if paid within ten (10) days after publication. Recognized advertising agen-cies will be honored a 15% comission. *1Contract of frequency/volume rates are earned within a continuous 12 month period beginning with week of first insertion. Non-contract advertisers will be billed at the 223open rate224. Position requests will be accommodated when possible, but not guaranteed, unless the premium position rate is paid. Multiple insertion within one issue may count toward the volume/frequency rate for the units used.All prices subject to change without notice.- Political advertising copy must be paid in advance of publication.*1 Payment must be made on, or before the last day of the month following advertising, to avoid gross rate to be charged. D þisplayISPLAY A þdsDS Fr equency þ Col. In. Open þ $62.76 4x þ $59.63 12x þ $56.48 24x þ $53.35 48x þ $50.21 Full page (7X13) is 91 col. * All prices shown here are gross. Premium Position Charges Back cover þ. ................................... 20% premium Inside back cover þ. ......................... 15% premium Centerfold þ. ................................... 10% premium Front cover banner þ. ....................... 15% premium premium, respectively Color (Gross) Spot þ. .................................................. $307.09 Process CMYK þ. .................................... $951.57 These prices do not guarantee fixed position. Fixed positions are subject to a premium charge. Ad Specs1 col. þ. .............................................. 1.3331 in. 2 col. þ. ................................................ 2.833 in. 3 col. þ. ................................................ 4.333 in. 4 col. þ. ................................................ 5.833 in. 5 col. þ. ................................................ 7.333 in. 6 col. þ. ................................................ 8.833 in. 7 col. (Full Page) þ. ...................... 10.5 in. x 13 in. Double Truck þ. .............................. 22 in. x 13 in. Page Depth þ. ............................................. 13 in. þ If exact color matching is r equired, color þ pr oof must be provided by the purchaser. þ Camera r eady Ads þ (Film or r eflective artwork not accepted). þ Electr onic copy by preferred file type þ (PDF , EPS, QXD, T þif IF , J þpeg PEG ). For detailed mechanicals please refer to the þa A D þspecs SPECS page. Please send artwork to: adsend TXHOSemail: ads@semananews.comOr SemanaNews, 6601 Tarnef Dr.Suite 200, Houston, TX 77074 þnationalNATIONAL RA TES þDD isplay þDD eadlines P þublicati UBLICATI O þn N þda DA Y þis IS þsunda SUNDA Y Space reservations due by Monday, þ prior to publication at 5 p.m. Translations due by Thursday 12:00am*, þ a week prior to publication. þ Materials due by T uesday by 5:00pm*, þ prior to publication. þ Any ads ar riving on Wednesday will be þ scheduled for the following week. P þreprinted REPRINTED I þnserts NSERTS Cost per thousand No. Pgs. þ Full Run* þ Par tial** Card þ $61.24 þ $68.24 4Tab/2Std/8Flexie þ $64.61 þ $71.26 8T ab/4Std/16Flexie þ $65.98 þ $72.70 12Tab/6Std/24Flexie þ $70.73 þ $77.94 16Tab/8Std/32Flexie þ $ 73.61 þ $81.15 20Tab/10Std/40Flexie þ $ 74.98 þ $82.67 24Tab/12Std/48Flexie þ $ 79.36 þ $87.53 32Tab/16Std/64Flexie þ $ 83.81 þ $91.80 þ ** Minimum 60,000 þ For additional sizes add $4.28 þ for ever y two (2) pages. þ Minimum pr eprinted insertion charge $2,000.90 þ Maximum size of FSI is 10 in. x 12 in. þ All prices based on pr eprints delivered to our dock. þ Samples of pr eprints must be submitted þ for prior acceptance. þ Fr equency discounts for pre-prints available þ upon r equest. þ Zoned cir culation for preprints. (Premium fee and minimum applies) Reservations: 10 working days prior to day of publication. þDD elivery: 7 working days prior to day of publication. Shipping instructions: All pre-prints must be shipped on pallets or skids, must be doubleband-ed both directions. Maximum pallet height 5ft. Maximum weight 2500 lbs per skid or pallet. þDD eliver to: þVV AL þU U E PRESS þcC / þo O : SemanaNews Att: Armando Molinares e-mail: armando@valuepress.net10425 Southwest Plaza DriveHouston, Texas, 77074Receiving Hours: Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m 226 5:00 p.mPhn: (713)-778-9570 or (713)-270-6524 *Closed on holidays.

NATIONAL RATES þby BY þadAD þsi SI Z þe E Open 4x 12x 24x 48x PCI Rate62.7659.63 56.48 53.3550.21 Spot307.09291.73276.38261.02245.67 CMYK951.57903.98856.41808.83761.26 182224 A þd D - F þull ULL P þageAGE S þpread PREAD Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W11,423.4410,852.2710.281.109,709.929,138.76 Spot11,728.6411,144.0010,557.489,970.959,384.43 CMYK12,375.0211,756.2711,137.5210,518.769,900.01Apply to premium positions91224 A þdD - F þullULL P þageAGE Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W5,711.725,426.145,140.544,854.964,569.38 Spot6,018.81 5,717.875,416.925,115.994,815.55 CMYK6,663.306,330.13 5,996.965,663.795,330.63Prices do not apply to premium positions62.5224 A þdD - P þonyONY S þiI Z þeE Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W3,922.883,726.743,530.603,334.453,138.31 Spot3,162.254,018.483,806.983,595.473,383.90 CMYK4,874.454,630.734,387.014,143.233,899.57 Prices do not apply to premium positions45.5224 A þdD - H þalfALF P þageAGE H þori ORI Z þontal ONTAL Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W2,855.862,713.072,570.272,427.482,284.68 Spot3,162.953,004.80 2,846.662,688.512,530.35 CMYK3,807.43 3,617.063,426.693,236.323,045.94Prices do not apply to premium positions Ad Specs: 7 x 13 = 91 column inches þfullFULL P þageAGE S þpread PREAD 182 column inchesAd Specs: 14 x 13 = 182 column inches Ad Specs: 7 x 6.5 = 45.5 column inchesHALF PA þgG E 45.5 column inches FULL PAGE 91 column inchesAd Specs: 5 x 12.5 = 62.5 column inches FULL PAGE 65 column inches PONY AD 62.5 column inches

þDD OBLE BANNER 28 column inches 30224 A þdD - T þhirdHIRD P þageAGE V þerticalERTICAL Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W1,883.661,788.831,694.681,600.531,506.38 Spot2,190.072,080.571,971.061,861.561,752.06 CMYK2,834.552,692.822,551.102,409.372,267.65Prices do not apply to premium positions25224 A þdD - Q þuarterUARTER P þageAGE VERTICAL Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W 1,569.151,490.071,412.231,333.781,255.32 Spot1,876.241,782.431,688.621,594.811,500.99 CMYK2,520.722,394.692,268.652,142.622,016.58Prices do not apply to premium positions24224 A þdD - Q þuarterUARTER P þageAGE HORI þZZ ONT AL Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W1,506.38 1,431.071,355.751,280.421,205.10 Spot1,813.471,722.801,632.131,541.451,450.78 CMYK2,457.962,335.062,212.162,089.271,966.37Prices do not apply to premium positions28224 A þdD - DO þuU BLE BANNER Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W1,757.45 þ 1,669.58 1,581.7 1,493.831,405.95 Spot2,064.541,961.321,858.081,754.861,651.63 CMYK2,709.02 2,573.572,438.122,302.672,167.22Prices do not apply to premium positions14224 A þdD - BANNER Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W878.72834.79790.85746.91702.97 Spot1,185.811,126.521,067.231,007.94 948.65 CMYK1,830.291,738.781,647.261,555.751,464.24Prices do not apply to premium positionsNATIONAL RATES þbyBY þadAD þsiSI Z þeE Ad Specs: 2 x 12.5 = 25 column inches 1/4 P þageAGE VER. þadAD Ad Specs: 4 x 6 = 24 column inches Ad Specs: 7 x 4 = 28 column inches Ad Specs: 7 x 2 = 14 column inches 1/4 P þgG . þhorHOR 24 column inches BANNER 14 column inches Ad Specs: 4 x 7.5 = 30 column inches 1/3 þpgPG . þvertVERT 30 column inches

NATIONAL RATES þby BY þadAD þsi SI Z þe E 37224 A þdD - L- þshapedSHAPED Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W2,322.34 þ 2,206.232,090.111,974.001,857.88 Spot2,629.432,497.962,366.492,235.022,103.55 CMYK3,273.923,110.212,946.532,782.832,619.13Prices do not apply to premium positions52224 A þdD - B þooOO K þendsENDS Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W3,263.843,100.642,937.462,774.262,611.07 Spot3,570.933,392.383,213.843,035.902,856.75 CMYK4,215.414,004.643,793.873,583.09 3,372.32Prices do not apply to premium positionsP þageAGE S þponsorship PONSORSHIP A þds DS (TOP AND BO þt T OM BANNER) Open 4x 12x 24x 48x B/W1,757.45 1,669.581,581.701,493.831,405.95 þ Spot2,064.541,961.321,858.081,754.861,651.63 CMYK2,709.022,573.572,438.122,302.672,167.22Prices do not apply to premium positions Ad Specs: 7 x 2 + 7 x 2 = 28d column inches þbannerBANNER 14 column inches þbannerBANNER 14 column inchesAd Specs: 3 x 7 + 4 x 4 = 37 column inches Ad Specs: 2 x 13 + 2 x 13 = 52 column inches "37 column inches L- SHAPED26 column inches 26 column inches B þoo OO K þends ENDS B þoo OO K þends ENDS

þcirculationCIRCULATION þcoverageCOVERAGE / þran RAN K þforFOR þsemana SEMANA þpublicationPUBLICATION CIRCCOVERAGESOURCEDA TE Semana140,468 17.00%CAC3/31/2006 Houston Chronicle Houston Community Newspapers 260,186120,013 31.49%14.53%ABCCVC9/30/20069/30/2006 La Voz de Houston (Chronicle)La VibraRumbo 88,19987,92780,799 10.68%10.64% 9.78%VACVACCAC12/31/200612/31/2006 3/31/2007 the Hispanic readers of the Houston market area as well as the advertiser-desired targets within the market area. market competitor publications, and the Hispanic competitor publications, achieve the following coverage levels.New Perspective D A T A S O L U T I O N S DATA PROVIDED BY:

1 23456 TOTALS RAN þKK SUMMARY RAN þK K # þZ Z IPs % þZ Z IPs# þhh HH % þhh HHþcirc CIRC % þcirc CIRC 1713101311 8 72 23.61%18.06% 13.89 18.06%15.28%11.11% 100.00% 196,443133,116112,347169,473109,158105,634826,171 23.78%16.11%13.60%20.51%13.21%12.79% 100.00% 90,22518,064 9,247 15,449 6,803 680 140,468 64.23%12.86% 6.58% 11.00% 4.84%0.48% 100.00%CIRCULATION RAN þK K FOR SEMANA New Perspective D A T A S O L U T I O N S DATA PROVIDED BY:

ADVERTISING DEP þartmentARTMENT N þational ATIONAL S þales ALES þmanager MANAGERþD D IRECT 281 889 6089 PHN 713 774 4652 x 105 e-mail þeditorialEDITORIAL Editor in Chief: Jos351 Luis Castillo PHN 713 774 4652 x 119e-mail þcontactCONTACT þusUS

P þreprintedREPRINTED I þnsertsNSERTS (INSERTOS) Cost per thousand No. Pgs. þ Full Run* þ Par tial** Card þ $61.24 þ $68.24 4Tab/2Std/8Flexie þ $64.61 þ $71.26 8T ab/4Std/16Flexie þ $65.98 þ $72.70 12Tab/6Std/24Flexie þ $70.73 þ $77.94 16Tab/8Std/32Flexie þ $ 73.61 þ $81.15 20Tab/10Std/40Flexie þ $ 74.98 þ $82.67 24Tab/12Std/48Flexie þ $ 79.36 þ $87.53 32Tab/16Std/64Flexie þ $ 83.81 þ $91.80 þ * Minimum 60,000 þ Prices ar e gross þ For additional sizes add $4.28 þ for ever y two (2) pages. þ Minimum pr eprinted insertion charge $2,000.90 þ Maximum size of FSI is 10 in. x 12 in. þ All prices based on pr eprints þ deliver ed to our dock. þ Samples of pr eprints must be submitted þ for prior acceptance. þ Fr equency discounts for pre-prints available þ upon r equest. þ Zoned cir culation for preprints. Reservations: 10 working days prior to day of publication. þDD elivery: 7 working days prior to day of publication. Shipping instructions: All pre-prints must be shipped on pallets or skids, must be doubleband-ed both directions. Maximum pallet height 5ft. Maximum weight 2000 lbs per skid or pallet. þDD eliver to: VALUE PRESS þcC / þo O : SemanaNews Att: Armando Molinares e-mail: armando@valuepress.netReceiving Hours: Monday-Friday8:00 a.m 226 4:00 p.mPhn: (713)-778-9570 (713)-270-6524Closed on holidays. For more information, contact:advertising@semananews.comPRE-PRINTS SEMANA 10425 Houston, Texas, 77074Southwest Plaza Drive