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Published Jul 26, 2013 in Business & Management
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It is very important for dog owners to know the kind of maintenance for their dogs

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Top 7 high maintenance dog breeds P ublished by : - largest - dog - breeds/

It is very important for dog owners to know the kind of maintenance for their dogs so that they can know in advance the costs and how to manage their dog as required. Its not always practical to have a large dog but it is more important to first learn and understand the maintenance that a dog needs before choosing to have one. Dog owners should know when to call a veterinary and when to check the dog health issues. Below is a list of top 7 dog breeds that need high maintenance. 1. Border Collie Border collie is also known to many as canine Einstein and it is known to have obsessive desire to work. It is one of the most intelligent dog breeds that t akes note and cares for anything that comes its way including kids, cats or personal belongings. Border Collie is also known to love sports and it's outstanding energy and intelligence makes it active and unique as it can play and engage in many activities ranging from chasing the shadows to twirling in circles. This dog is also known to need very high and special care. 2. Australian Shepherd Another dog breed that is well known to need special care and attention is the Australian Shepherd which is also kn own to be very energetic like Border Collie. The Australian shepherd is very active and never seems to at one point run out of energy. Whether you need a dog that will get you the newspaper, pick up anything from the floor or even get the door this is the shepherd that will do all that. Like the Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd needs high maintenance. 3. Labrador Retriever This is another dog breed that is well known to be very active and hard working dog. It is said that it is the Labrador that insp ired the famous saying "A tired dog is a good dog." Apart from the dog's need for attention and high maintenance, it also needs to be kept engaged in activities and should not get bored. If the Labrador gets too bored it may become destructive idling aroun d with anything that it finds. It is advisable to take the Lab out especially when in some exercise like when jogging around. It also needs special attention and that the vet doctor not to stay away. 4. The Jack Russell Another dog that is energetic and loves to engage in many activities is the Jack Russell which loves to run around, jump, barks and engage in playful activities. A rejuvenated dog is what defines it better. It however needs a full time attention of someone to keep him busy to avoid it from using it's energy in destructive ways. Like the Labrador Retriever it also makes a good jogging partner. It also needs the attention of the Vet doctor every now and then to keep it healthy and always active as it should be.

5. Cocker Spaniel Breed The Co cker Spaniel breed is known to be one of the most intelligent and cutest dogs in the world. They have a long history and have become more popular as time has gone by. The dog needs special attention and does not like being left alone. Leaving the dog to be lonely may make it to develop severe separation anxiety making it to bark too much and even become destructive. Brushing, giving special care and health attention is what the Cocker Spaniel breed needs. If you're looking for dogs that don't shed too much, check out this article at . 6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel This is a very special breed that needs close attention and loves to be on the lap at most times when behavior and closeness. The Love Sponge is also known to deny privacy to anyone that they are close to, So getting in contact and close to the Cavalier King will always keep you company even to the bathroom. 7. German Shorthaired Pointer Another one that cannot be left our in the top 7 list is the German Shorthaired pointer which is known to be energetic and to love h unting. He loves engaging in many activities like sports and also makes a good company. The protective nature of the German Shorthaired Pointer makes him an excellent dog and unique in away. This article focused much on top dogs that need high maintenance , here is a list of low maintenance dogs for apartment dwellers . Summary As much as people are looking for the best dogs to stay with either for companion or for security there are factors to consider which includes maintenance. This article is about the top high maintenance dogs so that one would know the kind of maintenance that their dog needs. V isit this site to learn more : - largest - dog - breeds/