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Published Jul 25, 2013 in Humor & Fun
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

how to take care of ur skin!!!
a presentation by tumblr user highskoolmusical

step #1 washing ur damn face!!!
when ur washing ur face dont use something that’ll dry it out dont believe that neutrogena bullshit

its ok to use a bar of soap to wash ur face as long as its 100% natural like some chagrin valley shit
its ok lil buddies we accept u
oatmeal is a good natural cleanser for all skin types yay thank u oatmeal
if u want just use some kinda cheapass cleanser that wont dry out ur skin i mean ur just washing it right off so who gives a fuck

step #2 toner!!!
toner doesnt make thAT much of a difference so if u want to skip it go right ahead
rose water or apple cider vinegar are fuckin great natural toners
witch hazel is the cheapest and most basic toner s/o to witch hazel to bein badass

step #2 moisturizer!!!
dont skip past this slide just bc you have oily skin ok listen up children u have to moisturize!!!
for a moisturizer u can use in the morning try some garnier nutrisse moisture rescue shit or if you have oily skin try some good ol aloe vera gel
jojoba oil is a fuckin great night cream but thatll come up in another slide be patient
aloe more like alYOOOO

face masks!!!!
face masks are super badass use them like once a week or whenever u want
u can make ur own theres 9459 billion tutorials on youtube
a good 1 u can make urself is oatmeal yogurt and honey itll make ur skin hella smooth
or u could just buy a mask urself clay masks are cool yay

making ur own exfoliator is easy just take some coffee grounds or sugar or baking soda or some shit and mix it with some kinda oil there u go
exfoliate like once a week idk
or u could buy whatever kinda scrub u want it doesnt rly matter
this is a picture of an exfoliator wow

dont be scared of oils!!!!!!!!!!
most oils are actually great for your skin and wont break u out yay
tea tree oil is great for oily skin as a spot treatment!!!
jojoba oil is the fuckin god of all oils it mimics the natural sebum ur skin produces so ur skin is like o shit we dont have 2 make as much oil anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont use mineral oil it is a piece of shit that will break u the fuck out mineral oil was made by satan

other tips n tricks!!
eat healthy and drink lots of water ofc
when u wash ur face first wet it with warm water to open up ur pores then when ur done spash it with cold water to close them up
steaming is rly good for your skin it takes all the toxins out yay
drink some lemon water in the morning to flush the toxins out of ur body
tea esp green tea is super great for ur skin drink some tea
dont touch ur face too much itll break u out
also remember to wash ur pillowcases and shit

thanks 4 watching!!!!!!!!!!