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Published Jul 25, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Winter Training Session
Monday January 21st, 2012
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What is Making Waves
How the lessons work
Kids with special needs
Instructor manual
General Meeting

What it’s all about
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How the lessons work
Each instructor matched with one child
Lessons will be held in the ARC pool on Thursdays 7-8PM
It is your responsibility to coordinate with that child’s family to ensure they will be there that week
As soon as your child arrives at the ARC, you should not be leaving their side! (change room restrictions excepted)

How the lessons work
If you can’t attend one week…

You call a substitute instructor from the list and you must find a replacement. Please notify Aaron and your child’s parents who will be teaching for you that week.
Prepare a lesson plan for them

Contact Aaron if you know your child will be missing lesson

Kids with special needs
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Kids with ASD

Lack of eye contact
Over- or under-active sensory responsiveness
Repetition of words or monologues
Unresponsiveness to verbal cues

Tactics for working with children with ASD

Use non-verbal cues - sounds, actions, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures (e.g. hold up objects when you talk about them)
Use simple language when offering choices - or, even better, show the child their choices!  Instead of asking a child, "What do you want to play with?" you can hold up two objects and say "Blocks or bubbles?"  
Say less - shorten and simplify your sentences, and speak slowly.

Some more tactics

Get down to the child's level.
Be warm and welcoming - the child may not understand what you are saying, but make sure that your body language is welcoming, and be sure to smile 
Words are very powerful - it is important to always use positive messages.  Instead of saying "no running", say "walk please”

Instructor Manual
Need for curriculum and need for instructor training
This year, Kingston is be piloting the Making Waves Instructor Manual along with London and Montreal
What do YOU think should be included in an instructor manual?
You will be sent a link to the instructor manual PDF. Check it out 

Instructor Manual
What do you do on
the first lesson?
To be put in binder

Instructor Manual
To be completed after
the first lesson
Keep a copy 

Instructor Manual
What do you do throughout the term?
Visual aids
Games you can play
Home to pool connection - Can you think of any?
Progress Report

Instructor Manual
Awards System

Instructor Manual
It is a resource for YOU
We need YOUR feedback
Work in progress

Problem-Based Learning Time!

What to expect
E-mail from Aaron with instructor phone numbers and first day logistics
Social plus fundraising 

Any questions?
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General Meeting
Please take a feedback form and fill it out
Agenda for today:
How are lessons going to work?
What to prepare for Thursday
Instructor Manual
Fundraising/ Social ideas
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