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Published Jun 20, 2013 in Health & Medicine
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The generics market is growing from year to year, and consumers are those who benefit.

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Top 9 benefits of generic pharmacy Published by : - rx -

1 - Growing market of generics The generics market is growing from year to year, and consumers are those who benefit. Although brand name drugs (original) are still being considered more effective, many people were satisfied with the appearance of generic versions of many products, generic drugs have the same effect and have a much lower cost. Nowadays generic drugs have become the preferred choice for men with erectile dysfunction. Despite the misconceptions about the usefulness and effectiveness of generic drugs already have been spread for a decade and... Consumers, thanks to a good advertising and marketing, have begun to know that generic medicines as safe and effective products.Even the doctors are recommending generic medicines for many patients, considering the economic conditions of the world . 2 - Great Britain isthe largest consumer of pills Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are FMCG pills, but people say very little about these products. Although we are in the 21st century, this subject remains unthinkable for most men and women . According to statistics Great Britain is considered the largest consumer of pills against erecti le dysfunction in Europe, followed by Germany and Italy. 3 - Prices of the these pills in regular pharmacy In a regular pharmacy these tablets are sold at very high prices: for example, the cost of a pack of Cialis 20 mg (8 pills) has the price of 99.50 dollar s , the price per each tablet is 20 to 50dollars . The cost of a pack of Viagra 50 mg (8 pills) is 92.35 dollars , i.e. 11.54 dollars per each tablet. A package of 4 pills Levitra 20 mg is sold priced at 54.80 dollars , 13.70 dollars a pill. 4 - Compare the prices before buying It can be found easily on the Internet several online pharmacies that sell these pills, but in their generic versions and the costs are not as high. You can compare prices for Viagra, Cialis, brand Viagra, Cialis and Levitra generic online ( - rx - ) 5 - Visiting a doctor is a good idea before buying You can buy pills without a ny prescription, as it is the case of some countries in Europe and outside Europe. But be careful, before taking these pills , you should check if you don't h ave heart problems. If this is not the case, you may take these tablets with out hitches , but remember that visit ing to a doctor is always a good idea .

6 - Active ingredients and reasonable price Often hear phrases like: « only scams sites are everywhere », «these pills are very cheap, and how I can buy the same product at a price so low ? » 99% of these statements are false. There are several online pharmacies, mexican pharmacy , offshore pharmacy etc. where you can find pads with the same active ingredient and therefore the same effects. These products are manufactured in the India where laboratories are able to use the active ingredients and produce these p ills at a reasonable price. 7 - Effectiveness, safety and low price A generic drug is the product with the same pharmaceutical form and equal qualitative and quantitative composition in medicinal ingredients , whose effectiveness and safety profile is satisfactorily established by its continued clinical use. A generic must offer us the same effectiveness and safety than a brand - name drug. Generic drugs are cheaper, due to lower costs of research and development of the drug. This is what allows it to mar ket at a lower price, without any degradation of quality of the drug. 8 - Generic pharmacy meets the standards of top brands A generic product is only permitted if it meets the standards of good manufacturing practices for drugs and found that it works identically to the brand. Therefore, the quality requirements of generic are the same as those required for any other special medication. In this respect it should be noted that because of the lowest final price, generic does not indicate a weakening in quality of the product, but that only reflects that the producer of the product has not wasted his amount in lot of research and development. 9 - Stay away fro m scams We cannot ignore the fact that there are many fraudulent sites that sell fake pills. We can ensure you that http:// - rx - is an online pharmacy reliable where you can buy the pills safely. Summary: Are you looking for generic pharmacy online? Simply visit - rx - and get the most effective pills at reasonable price. Visit our site to learn more : - rx -