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Published Jun 19, 2013 in Sports
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Daily Schedule
Please feel free to browse through our daily schedule.

7:30 AM Cocoa Club
Start of the day with a warm cup of Cocoa whilst learning Mishnayos Bael Peh

7:45 AM Reveille
The campers awake to start another great day at CGI Florida

8:10 AM Line up
Line up in the Rebbe’s army includes Flag Raising and the Torah Pesukim,

8:25 AM Shacharis
The campers Daven Shacharis with a atmosphere like no other

9:25 AM Breakfast
The campers enjoy a delicious Breakfast served up by our very own Chef Nissen

10:10 AM Clean up
The campers have a opportunity to clean their bunk houses

10:40 AM First Learning class
The campers have the first learning class of the day with our experienced teachers who find the perfect blend of learning and fun.

11:35 AM Break
This is the time to stretch your legs, have a break and just relax

11:45 AM Second Learning Class
Our Learning classes are based around a curriculum specially made for CGI Florida and the program that includes rewards and incentives is run by our on site experienced Learning Director. The curriculum varies depending on age and ability

Learning never ends but the schedule must go on, this is where the perfect balance of learning and activities in CGI Florida is displayed best. This is also a time for campers to fetch their Baseball Mitts, check the sports schedule and get their bathing suits if needed.
12:40 PM Learning Never Ends

The first activity of the day, Sports leagues is a major part of CGI Florida.
12:50 PM 1st Activity

The first activity ends and the campers return their things to their bunk houses and make their way to the dining room for line up.
1:45 PM Activity ends

This is a more jovial line up to lead the campers into the dining room for lunch
1:55 PM Line-up for lunch

Lunch is served by our Fantastic chef Nissen, a CGI Florida special is the salad bar enjoyed by campers and staff alike
2:05 PM Lunch

The campers go to the Shull to daven Mincha
2:45 PM Mincha

This is the time to just relax, visit canteen and do whatever you need to do.
3:10 PM Rest Period

Our sports leagues are run by our own sports director, the leagues are based around Jewish names and themes such as Kashrus.
3:30 PM Second Activity

At least one activity a day is dedicated to Swimming in our Olympic sized heated pool, overseen by our Head Lifeguard and his team.
4:30 PM Third Activity

This is the time to refresh yourself following sports and get ready for Learning class
5:30 PM Wash up & Snacks

Our Learning classes have a reward scheme based on our very own “klugel” game system.
5:45 PM Afternoon Learning class

Learning never ends but the schedule must go on, this is where the perfect balance of learning and activities in CGI Florida is displayed best. This is the time for campers to make their way to the line-up area for flag lowering.
6:40 PM Learning Never Ends

The second Line up of the day includes Flag Lowering and the Torah Pesukim,
6:45 PM Line-up

Once again the finest chef in South Florida serves up another awesome meal
7:05 PM Supper

Many campers highlight of the day this is a time of crazy activities including; String hunt, Auctions, plays and much more. Night activity is run by our very own special Night Activity director.
7:50 PM Night Activity

The campers go to the Shull for Maariv and a Rebbe video. Following that they each fill out a personal booklet of their day.
8:35 PM Maariv, Video & Duch

This is the time to take a shower, say shema and prepare yourself for a good nights sleep
9:10 PM Prepare for bed

9:35 PM Lights Out
The lights are out in order for the campers to have a good night sleep so they are ready for another day.