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What I know about Supernatural from my dash.ppt

Published Jun 8, 2013 in Entertainment
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

What I know about Supernatural from my dash and my sister
By: Warlocksanddetectivesinthetardis
You don’t mess with these fuckers
This is the title
Somebody dies every opening so if u hear something weird u better fucking run


So this show is supposed to be about two brothers who lost their dad and hunt demons and shit
But even after seeing like thousands of posts on tumblr I’ve seen like 5 demons and monsters
And half of them were the winchesters
It actually looks like two brothers who go on a road trip and kill any demons who get in the way of the road
Also they let angels come with them
Salt is important although Idk why
Do they eat fries everyday or something
That’s not healthy winchesters

This is Dean Winchester
He’s older than Sam
U don’t fuck with him
He’s died like 8 times
Once in the shower
He must have died when he saw how gorgeous he was in the mirror (drop dead gorgeous)
He’s like gay for Castiel
At least that’s what everyone says
Also he’s Rapunzel
He also loves pie
Cas tried getting him some pie from some dude and there wasn’t any so cas killed the dude or sent him into hell or some shit
He sold his soul to save his bro
That is commitment
He looks like has a high pitched voice but bro his voice is DEEP
His actor Jensen Ackles had a kid and named her Justice Jay. Everyone calls her JJ and is sobbing with each other
He had to save his bro when he was like 6
So sad
Hot damn look at that smoulder

Dean Winchester part 2 (yeah he needs a 2nd slide)
Like I said he died like 8 times
He’s been to hell, heaven, and purgatory
But cas pulled him out
See cas is the best bf like evar

Look at the resembalence
He mocked a baby once
It was awesome
Haz daddy issues
Doppelgangers yo
He’s like Rory Williams he always dies and comes back
He will kill u and burn ur hands if u hurt Sam
He da only one who calls Sam Sammy
He’s been possessed like 2 times or something

This is Sam Winchester
He da younger bro
He’s a moose apparently
He married a crazy fan once
That gives hope to ppl
He made fun of his own name
Doing the deed with him is like suicide or something
He died like 5 times
Idk when he first died is when my sis decided to keep watching
Him dying is good for SOMEthing
But it just made ppl cry a lot
He got a fiiine booty
Oh yeah look at those locks
TRESeme hair model
He’s like Rory williams too
He has songs dedicated to him
Jared Padalecki is a handsome actor guy
He lost his soul foe like a season
But then he got his shit together and is ok now
I mean u can tell a moose’s age by its antlers so why not hair

U can tell what season it is by the length of his hair

So if he cuts his hair tumblr will lose its shit cuz they can’t tell the season

It’ll be like a “Sam-cuts-his-hair-oh-shit-what’s-the-season-pocolypse
He be played by Jared Padalecki

This is Castiel
He be played by Misha Collins
Look at the little shit’s smug smile
“R u doing Dean cuz I am too”
He’s like God’s favourite angel
Idk though he became God for like 4 episodes or something
He doesn’t understand pop culture
He bleeds for the Winchesters
He’s Dean’s best friend
Actually ppl ship them
Like hardcore
So like Idk are they gay or something
He wears a trenchcoat all the time
He’s a human now
So ppl expect him and Dean to do human things like making coffee and doing the Sunday Crossword
Dean tried to kill him the 1st time they met
Honey is that any way to treat ur bff
Domestic violence up in hurr
I don’t actually kno a lot abt Cas other than he and Dean are prob in love
Misha has a son named West who every1 loves

This is Bobby (or Billy, idk)
Idk much abt him
Raised the Winchesters since their dad sucked
Favourite words include “idjit” and “assbutt”
Died in s8
Vry sad
But again idk much abt him so it doesn’t really affect me
He looks Texan
Is he Texan
It’s the hat and the moustache and the goatee that does it

This is the Impala
This is Dean’s bby
Like u scratch it he’ll kill u every way possible
Dean and Sam’s main source of transportation
It has it’s own Wiki page
It’s classified as home
Idk I guess home is where u can always go back 2 and dean and sam always go back to it
I feel like if its engine failed the fandom would go insane
They need an episode abt how the car gets possessed and Dean and Sam need to rescue it
Like Herbie Fully Loaded
Oh yeah it get’s its own page mother fuckers

Winchester Bros
They hold each other whenever either one dies
Dean is older than Sam
Fun fact I always thought Sam was the older one
Sam just looked taller and, idk, less scarred I guess
More innocent is the word
They like rely on each other
Ppl ship them
Although I’m not sure why
That’s kinda nasty
That’s like shipping Arthur and Morgana and they r only half siblings
They drink together
But only if the world is ending

They r closer than bffs
They’re like bros
Oh wait
Jared and Jensen r close 2
They like this *crosses fingers*

This is very sad
Idk I think that’s Dean and Sam’s mom
Wth was even happening
Did she leave the stove on?
Tbh she just looks bored
“oh I’m dying that’s a shame let’s vogue”
Dean and Sam were
Scarred though
They were there
When it happened
I think
#actually no
#fire angel
#no make up
#no filter
#i’m so hot
I’m just kidding though
This looks intensely sad
Sorry to those who watched it

The Fandom is Scary sometimes (especially during hiatuses
They can never get the day of the week right
Like get a calendar
Like, wth is this?
And this?
Mom can u pick me up I’m scared
I don’t even know with this
Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have photoshop
Fuck this I’m out

A scary thing called the Mishapocalypse happened
It was April 1 2013
I honestly think someone took April Fools one step too far
The actors even know that it happened
There were few survivors

Everywhere u look
Only cuz it was supposed to be a Merlin pic
This fandom needs so much help
I knew what this was even b4 I got to the

But Supernatural does cool shit too
They did a freaking Harlem Shake
That was badass
That’s where the gif is from
They did an episode where Sam and Dean were Jared and Jensen and they had to act like them
And like Sam as Jared was married to a chick named Ruby
And Dean freaked
They did an ep like a sitcom

Look at that sass on Sam
“that jacket with those shoes?”
Lol look at Jensen
“Must. Stare. At. Sam’s. Hands”.
Shake that booty

In conclusion
This show still makes no God damn sense
The End