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Credit Card Scams

Published Jan 18, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Credit Card Scams and Skimming..


A scammer may trick you into telling them your security or pin codes and then using your money to make purchases over the internet or telephone.
Credit Card Scams can come in many forms.
Scammers usually make a ‘cloned’ credit card if they know your PIN.

There are transactions listed in your credit card statement that you don’t understand.

You have given your credit card details to someone you now suspect may not be trustworthy

You have lost your card or you receive an email asking you to give someone your account details.

You have kept your security information written down somewhere near your card and you find that it is missing.

NEVER give out account details to someone you don’t know or trust!
CHECK your credit card statements and report any transactions you can’t explain.
TRY to avoid using public computers to do internet banking.
KEEP your credit cards safe and do not have a written copy of your PIN with the card.
CHOOSE passwords that would be difficult for anyone to guess.
If you lose or misplace your card, CANCEL it straight away.


What is it?
A method used by criminals, to capture data from the magnetic strips of credit or ATM card. Scammers can steal data so they can access accounts.
They can fake or clone cards with your details. Card skimming is illegal.

Look out for warning sings
The shop assistance takes your card out of your sight in order to process your transaction.
The shop assistance says that the first machine doesn’t work and takes your card to a second machine, which is a skimming machine and then takes your card back to the first machine again and it works.
You notice something about the ATM or machine that is the skimming strip inserted into the lining of the machine.

Where to spot a device on an ATM
Areas were suspicious tampering has been inserted into an ATM.
Light diffuser area
Speaker area
Card reader entry slot
ATM keyboard area

How to Keep Safe
Keep your credit card safe.

Do not share your personal details with anyone and don’t keep a written copy of your personal details with your card.
Keep checking your bank accounts.

Always look for the strings of skimming devices on a ATM before using the ATM.