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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Jamara White

What It Is
What I do
The Big Three
Band Blogs
Band Fandoms
Doctor Who

David Karp

What It Is
Tumblr is like this blogging site and let me tell you its great and everything is beautiful.
It’s mostly made up of fandoms (See The Big Three)
And punk rock blogs
And just band blogs in general (See Band Blogs)

What I Do
I reblog stuff and that’s cool.
Mostly SPN and Doctor Who and bands and funny text posts
And funny pictures too

There’s a lot of these on Tumblr
The main three being Supernatrual, Sherlock, and Doctor Who
There are others though
The Avengers fandom is pretty big.
So is Cousin Matt fandom
But let me tell you about the Sloth fandom
Those little coconuts are high as kites
Have you ever seen the Rape Sloth meme
Yeah. Yeah.
(Cousin Matt)

The Big Three
The big three are the main fandoms on Tumblr(They pretty much are Tumblr)
It’s Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatrual
Then there’s those fans who are all three, SuperWhoLocked
I am personally only SuperWho, I do not enjoy Sherlock/Have never ever watched it ever.

Band Blogs
Band blogs are the best blogs
Mostly punk rock and stuff though
Pop band blogs like One Direction are not popular and virtually do not exist
Its really just All Time Low and Pierce the Veil
Mainly just All Time Low and Alex Gaskarths face
Plus Jack Barakat’s Boner shirt

Band Fandoms
There’s a lot of fandoms
ATL, YMAS, PTV, SWS, BVB, MCR, stuff like that.
MCR fandom are still crying
FOB fandom almost died but they’re back and very pissed
No band fandom likes shane morris
No, not even The Young Veins fandom
YMAS fandom is squealing
ATL fandom just wants Alex gaskarths butt
It’s pretty nice
I’ve seen it

Doctor Who
Best Show Ever
Its about a time lord travelling through space all the while kidnapping people\gaining companions
It’s literally a show about a madman in a box
9, 10, and 11 are best doctors
They have sexy hair
Nine doesn’t even have hair
Doctor Who fandom is currently in shock
We’re about to learn the Doctor’s name and we’re so excited
We could kill a man
Specifically the people who spoil it for us and we don’t get an episode with Davie and Mattie
We’ll kill them
We still wanna know the Doctor’s name though
So we’ve learned the Doctor’s name
It’s John Hurt
I’m very upset about this
7 seasons of crying and suffering for John Hurt

Sherlock fandom is currently the most sane.
They comfort us
They know our pain
They enjoy shows about English dectectives basically
I’ve never watched Sherlock
Probably because it ended like two years ago
It’s coming back though so Sherlock fandom is really happy
That’s why they’re so sane and calm.
We need them to be though
Supernatrual will literally die if it weren’t for smut and Sherlock fandom

Supernatural fandom is currently crying and in unspeakable pain
Sherlock fandom is comforting us with blankets and sweet words and hot chocolate.
We love Sherlock fandom a lot they understand us
We watch a show about two guys with a shit dad and who basically hunt demons and shit.
It’s pretty cool
We’re waiting for Gabriel to come back to us
We also hate Metatron now and are crying for Naomi
We’re waiting for Dean and Castiel to kiss
They will kiss we’re just waiting there’s so much sexual tension
Sam is a moose.
We also have a thing for Impalas

Cousin Matt
Cousin Matt is this girls cousin who looks an awful lot like Moose(Sam)
It’s pretty weird actually.
His actual name is Matt
I don’t care if you already knew.
He’s very accepting of his handsomeness
He embraces his fans very much
He’s very ok with being plastered all over the internet.
That’s just what Tumblr-famous people do.
I think Cousin Matt likes whales
Whales like Cousin Matt too.

The Big Three smushed together into one fan/fandom
You should see the AU’s they’re great stuff man.
I love love love that stuff.
It happens with most fans in the big three actually
It’s not uncommon at all
So like, SuperWhoLock fandoms are comforting themselves and the rest of their fandoms
That must be some tough stuff to do man
Its worth it though because Supernatrual fandom is crying really hard and they need someone to hold them
Even if it’s themselves

Hannibal is about a show about a guy named Hannibal (I guess) who kills and eats people and drinks blood.
Only rude people
I’d kill and eat rude people too if I wouldn’t get the death penalty for it.
No one knows where the Fannibals came from
They literally just popped out of nowhere
I’m serious in like a week my dash went from Supernatural and funny stuff to this guy who eats people like it’s no thing
I will probably eventually watch Hannibal
I hear people get set on fire
I like fire.
The Fannibals avoid the SuperWhoLockers as best they can
They don’t wanna be us
Or be on us
They’re pretty chill people though even if they do watch excessive cannibalism on a daily basis

The staff is our sassy older sibling pretty much.
They’re sass-masters.
They think we’re a bunch of idiots too.
They’re right though.
The staff loves us.
Either way they’re fucking awesome.
We love Staff no matter what because they’re beautiful sassy people.
(This is what sass looks like)

David Karp
David is our daddy.
He’s a hot daddy too.
Too bad he got married to a horrible ugly hoe
We mean Yahoo! by the way
David is also very sassy
He calls us peasants.
He loves us though we know he does.
No matter how many times he says he doesn’t.
We’ll always love our daddy.

(Just look at those eyes)