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Published May 22, 2013 in Education
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o k ok this is good but let me add a thing b/c your Hannibal watching experience will be improved x10000 and you will just be ended By: 103 - 66exeterstreet

Basically this is a person you should care about

Dr. Bedelia Du - Maurier aka this flawless fucking human being is Gillian Anderson

Damn right it is you guessed it time for a rewatch Shit son is that Scully from x files? Too sassy for you She got to make out with David jealous about it

She is smart and funny and sassy and beautiful I could go on but there is a more Hannibal - focused purpose to this She likes to use her hair to ruin lives This is a candid shot of her just walking in the street I mean howwww She did an AMA it was amaz

She is his psychiatrist other side Is he gonna PERSON SUIT ASFHGSJLKLZG attacked by a patient and she killed him ahhh the parallels SHE LETS US SEE HANNIBAL THE PERSON RATHER THAN HANNIBAL THE

and just gonna leave this one here

Gillian Anderson and her role in Hannibal I promise 103 - 66exeterstreet