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Published May 19, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

We’re Glad You Asked
ECDI Proposal
My Pizzetta
Sharon & Bob Rybak

Specific Questions that were asked by the ECDI Board

Demographics of North Royalton for business opportunities.
Why pizza? Isn’t there too much competition?
What makes My Pizzetta unique from other pizza shops and fast food establishments?
Why this location? Pro’s and Con’s.
Involvement of the Director of Community Development for North Royalton
Price Point for Pizzas – how does it compare to other pizzas on the West Coast or in North Royalton
Is the price is high for a family of 4?
Paul – current income and can he support himself?
Marketing – more detail – How will we draw people to our establishment?
What does a typical day look like? Who are our customers?

Demographics of
North Royalton 2013

Median Age 43.5

Population 30,393 – increase of 6.1 since 2000

House Hold Income $57,583

Av. Home Value - $197,041

Why Pizza?
Pizza Industry Analysis 2013
There is “dough” to be made!

According to the statistics from Franchise Disclosure Documents, Americans eat on average 100 acres of pizza daily or 350 slices per second. In addition, 93 percent of Americans eat at least one pizza per month, easily making pizza the number one dinner choice in the United States. Pizza is a $40 billion industry (measured in sales per year) making up approximately 17 percent of all restaurants in the nation.

Americans have started to trend away from dining out and towards take out and fast delivery foods. Quick service pizza concepts allow people to take advantage of the new technologies that are available at home, while subtracting the extra fees for tips, drinks and restaurant wait times.

Why pizza? Isn’t there too much competition?

There are 17 pizza restaurants in North Royalton in an area of 21.3 square miles
North Royalton has 1428 people per square mile with a total population of 30,393.
Although there are a large number of restaurants we believe that what we have to offer differs from all 17 restaurants.

How does My Pizzetta differ from the competition?
Marra Forni stone oven – provides a quick bake at 900 degrees producing a very fresh tasting – non greasy pizza in 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

Drive thru – no more waiting for 20 – 25 minutes for your pizza

Each individual gets to choose from a variety of dough, sauce, cheese, meat, and toppings. (still in development – is there something you want to see on our menu?)
A survey conducted by the PMQ Pizza Magazine indicates that 86% of pizza lovers would choose their own toppings rather than order a pre-customized pizza.

The Ying and Yang of Our Location

80 home development across the street
Ball fields within ½ mile
New City Hall being built within ¼ mile
Has a double width drive thru
Rent $900 a month
Football field within a mile
No eat in – keeps it simple for us to start
McDonalds within ¼ mile
Burger King same
Taco Bell ½ mile
Pizza Restaurant – Augie’s within ¼ mile
Location is not on Rt 82
17 pizza restaurants in North Royalton
7 parking spots but Zeppe’s only has 5

A little more Ying
Our home town – lots of connections within the community
Strong connections within the school community
According to a North Royalton traffic study, State Road is the third most frequently traveled road in North Royalton
Access in and out of drive thru is very easy compared to Rt 82, Royalton Road
Positive response from the Director of Community Development, Thomas J. Jordan when discussed with building owner Jim Quinn.

Pricing a Pizza – By the numbers
My Pizzetta will serve 10 inch pizza’s.
Each cheese pizza will be priced at $6.95
Each topping will add 75 cents
The price point of our competitors cheese pizza
Marco’s $6.99
Papa Johns $10.00
Pizza Hut $8.00
Augies $8.75
Antonios $8.75
East of Chicago $6.25 – 9 inch
Slice Above $8.75
Antonios $7.99 – 9 inch toppings $1.25 - $1.75
Zeppos $7.99 – 9 inch toppings $1.49
Tommy’s $6.99 – 9 inch

Speciality Items will be in the last column of the order form and will be $1.00
A cheese pizza with pepperoni will be $7.70

Let’s Not Forget the Kids
When asked, most kids between the ages of 3 to 11 will list pizza as their favorite food.
Let’s make it healthy
At My Pizzetta it is important to us that our customers and most importantly the children that eat our food have a healthy meal.
Kids meals will include:
6 inch pizza with one topping
Veggies and dip
Honest Kids Juice Box
Price Point $5.25
This is not a strong profit margin for My Pizzetta but kids should have a great meal at a fair price.

That brings a family of 4 to $25.90 and Everybody’s Happy!

A little about The Rybak’s
Bob and Sharon are retiring after 40 years in education. We each have masters degrees, Sharon has a doctoral degree in organization development. We have always had a business “on the side”. We opened and ran one of Cleveland’s first balloon delivery services, for 13 years we owned a state wide conference at OSU, we have each written 6 books that provided royalties over the years.
Paul Rybak 32 – Sarah Rybak 35
There was a question about Paul’s ability to support himself on $35K a year. This is an increase from Paul’s salary as a manager at Panara’s.
Sarah is a special education teacher with 7 years of experience, almost finished with her masters and $20,000 in loans remaining. She makes $39,000 a year. She is applying for a loan to become a home owner.
It is our hope that this business will provide Paul with a good living wage, Sarah the additional support she will need and a future for our grandchildren. Hard work and tenacity is part of our DNA.

How will our customers
know we are open?
Feed the Neighborhood
Pizzas will be hand delivered to all of our neighborhood establishments including Giant Eagle, the dentist, gas station and nursing home etc.
The pizza will have coupons and information regarding My Pizzetta
Test Bake Days
Our oven needs time to season and we need time to practice so what a better way to try our pizza than to catch us on TEST BAKE DAYS?
Signs on the road will welcome people in and take a taste.

Soft Opening
Friends and family will be invited to hit us hard, to see how we manage volume during a specific time period during our soft opening.
After ordering they will be directed to the park picnic area down the road to eat their pizza, get a free gelato and take an on line survey giving us feedback.

Marching Band/ Football Practice

August starts Marching Band and Football Practice and we will be there with samples and coupons for the kids. We will work with the school to support these programs and promote our new community business.

Marketing – A Tiered Approach
Now more than ever businesses have to have a multi-layered approach to marketing. With the new technologies, using Twitter and Facebook is great. But, you can’t ignore the folks that think twitter is “for the birds”.
Level I Approach: Families – We want the arguments to stop and for everyone to get the pizza they want. We have all worked hard and deserve to have the meal to our specifications. So Mom gets her gluten free and Dad gets his spicy sauce and the kids get it just the way they like it – stringy cheese with pepperoni. We also will offer both Pepsi and Coke products so Everybody’s Happy.
Level I Marketing: Home Owners – We now have the capacity to work with the postal service to be very specific regarding the targeting of our mailers to the homes within our area.

Marketing a Tiered Approach
Level II Approach – Seniors – As baby boomers ourselves we know the growing challenges. We want our seniors to take advantage of the drive thru aspect of our business. Not having to get out of your car on a cold winter day to take a chance on falling or struggling with a disability is a big deal to many seniors. We are sensitive to this community and will make sure they get a great product and great service.
Level II Marketing: We will do focused home mailers to this community as well as provide flyers at community centers and other places that are frequented by seniors. Seniors will have happy hour specials that will target our time in the late afternoon. We will also seek feedback from Seniors – is there something they want that we are not providing?

Marketing a Tiered Approach
Level III Approach – Students With over 80 combined years in education this is the group we know the best. Let’s be honest, the kids frequently call the shots when it comes to carry out. We believe that kids will love their dinner and so will Mom and Dad. We also want to bring in our love for learning to the dinner table.

The 3-11 year olds. Pizza School – Each child’s meal will have a learning activity that can be collected and with 5 coupons the child will get a free gelato or $1.00 off their meal.
The 12 – 16 year olds. Tweet Us – If you tweet that you are eating a My Pizzetta Pizza to your friends we will tweet back and give you a coupon for your next order. Friend us on your Facebook and you get a coupon toward your next order.
16 year old and up. When you get your license, drive thru and you get a free pizza. Give us your email address or phone number and we will give you a coupon toward your next order. Look for texts from My Pizzetta before, during or after the big game, after practice etc.

It takes a Village
to create a start-up
Leader Capital Group – Michael Gordon – President - Solon
Ahola – Payroll – Brecksville
COSE – Insurance and Technical Support - Cleveland
Franklin Group – Gerry Franklin - Technical Coaching – Owner of 3 BW3’s in Medina, Strongsville, Harvard.
Brandarians – Paula Murphy - Chicago
Wagner Sign - Neon and Theatre Expertise - Elyria
Marra Forni – Emiliano Marra – training for oven and mixer
Berea Moving – Woody – Experts in moving challenging items – oven
Quinn Management – Jim Quinn – Building owner and owner of Imagination Station Child Care Center – North Royalton
PCA Packaging of America – Alex Massey – Original box design – Ashland
Dubick’s – Manny – Freezer Install and Small appliances
Sidari’s – 00 flour and a portion of our produce
Sysco – Other produce including gluten free
PNC – Gary Albright – POS System
John Roush – Architect
Digital Dining – Drive Thru System
Colleen Franklin – Marketing – Technical Support – BW3 Marketing
Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato – Michigan

Thanks for taking an interest in
My Pizzetta
My Pizzetta has been developed over the past two years and those previously listed and others have contributed to where we are right now..….. The beginning