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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript


HIV-1 Viral Load Testing Sensitization Package SOP and Job aid for sample collection (Plasma and DBS)HIV-1 VL Request FormsFacility sample tracking log Sample shipment manifestSample chain custody SOPMaterial for sample collection (Demonstration)

ObjectivesTo provide guidelines on HIV-1 viral load sample collection, handling, packaging and transportationTo describe the role of the plasma separating laboratory in referral of samples from the peripheral facilities to the testing laboratoryTo describe the role of the testing laboratory and dispatch of results


5ComponentsLaboratoryHandbookPolicies & Practices

6 The result of any laboratory examination is only as good as the sample received in the laboratory

7Collection RequirementsPatient preparationPatient identificationType of sample requiredType of container neededLabelingSpecial handlingSafety precautions

8 LabelingEach sample should be labeled with: patient’s name patient’s unique ID number time and date of collectionUse pointed permanent markers and NOT BALL PENS

9Sample Register or LogA facility sample register should include;Help in monitoring TATSample chain of custodyEnsures efficiency and effectiveness Sample manifest should include; Sample tracking between testing labs and central labsEnsures accountability

10Pre-Sample Referral StepsVerifycompleteness of Lab. request formThe correct sample-volumeCorrect label on sampleRecord in lab register or log

11Sample ReferralRecord:samples referreddate of referralname of person referring testMonitor / Track, and Record:turnaround timeresults delivery (from referral laboratory, to requestor) problems with referral

Sample Rejection Criteria At The Testing LabBlood specimens/Plasma will be rejected if; Insufficient sample volume Poorly labeled specimen tube Not labeled Collected in non EDTA anticoagulant (blood) Old whole blood specimen (More than 4 hours) Sample is clotted (blood) Possible contamination Poor separation of plasma Missing sample or Lab.request form

13Actions for Rejected SamplesInform authorized personRequest another sampleRecord rejected samplesRetain rejected sample based on preset criteriaExtraordinary circumstances may require testing suboptimal samplesIf rejected samples exceeds 2% in a facility, re training is recommended

14Sample Storage- Refer to sample chain of custodyDescribe samples to be storedDetermine retention timeDetermine location Describe proper conditionsEstablish method of organizing samples

Sample Management-Module 515Sample TransportMaintain integrity of sample: temperature preservation of sample special transport containers time limitationsAssure safety regulationsare met

Results ManagementTurn around time for results will be 10 working daysA hard copy of the results will be sent to the Central/Peripheral facilities using an agreed addressA soft copy of the results will be available in the NASCOP Website: