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Published May 5, 2013 in Humor & Fun
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My mum asked who Misha Collins was so I provided this wonderful PowerPoint

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Who is Misha Collins and why should I think he is gr9?
An Informative PowerPoint By Me
using Comic Sans ironically
gr9 = > gr8
do u get it
gr8er than gr8

This is Misha Collins
This is one of the very few actually normal pictures

He’s in Supernatural and plays an angel called Castiel
totally awesome
confused all the time
actual kitten
wears a trenchcoat
his acting is actually REALLY GOOD
his eyes are super glowy
super deep dramatic voice

In real life he is an angel
Started a charity called Random Acts of Kindness to get all his Twitter followers to “conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time”.
Click here:
Ran 83k for Random Acts
Goes to Haiti every year to help build an orphanage
Built his wife a house
He & his wife made each other personalised wedding rings
Likes green tea
Is a published poet and his poems are adorable
Has a Guinness World Record for GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) – made the news for making Christmas trees fly. He complains that the Guinness World Record takes up too much fridge space.
He’s also really nice with fans and is really supportive of his fans and his wife and everyone really

He is a bit weird
Once got arrested for reading a book on top of a bank bc he needed better lighting
Before he got on Supernatural, he made a CV and put “acting on camera” as one of his special skills. He also put “bicycle touring” bc it sounds fancier than “can ride a bike”
Does Tibetan throat singing
Dressed in drag at a high school party and nobody recognised him bc he was so pretty
Also renewed his marriage vows in drag in a grocery store with a bouquet made of vegetables
Got beaten at Words With Friends by Jared (Padalecki, co-star on Supernatural) and owed him $1970 so he paid in 4 buckets of coins
Some of the TV shows and ads and things he did before Supernatural are really weird and hilarious

The next several slides will be devoted to his weirdness
this is from when he renewed
his vows in drag
his wife is called Victoria Vantoch
she’s a writer and she’s
really inspirational too but
I don’t have enough room to
write about her too

you think this is weird
you ain’t seen nothing yet
this is Satan
(on Supernatural)
(not IRL)

this is a cheese suit
this is a Ravenclaw beanie


More hats
never forget

The Sock Monkey Hat
This hat gets its own slide bc everyone loves it so much
It has become a part of Supernatural tbh
Love the sock monkey hat
Yep pictures can move
Did it scare u

I think there was a point to this but IDK any more

A gem from his Twitter + also a more atmospheric photo of the sock monkey hat

Also did I mention he has a son called West Anaximander Collins who is the embodiment of perfection
They do cooking videos
It’s great

Here have some GIFs
 These 2 are actually from the show I think

In conclusion
He’s great
check it out

thank u for watching and goodnight
this has been a PSA