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Published May 4, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

A Guide To Tumblr Fandoms
By Grace

These are the "houses" within Narnia
aka Tumblr
Motherfreakin' Whovians = <3
Same fandoms as Vikings & Spartacus aka Dragons & Titties
This fandom is everyone, mkay? If fandoms were a family, this would be the Dad or something....Harry's a good name for a father.
Ringers...can also be referred to as Tolkienites - though they are not the same thing
I know next to nothing about this fandom except that we owe them our life..or whatever
This fandom be cray...Bless them.
I don't even watch this show, but I know everything about it....that's how powerful in force and numbers they are
Sometimes, this fandom needs to
Galaga fandom...*inside joke*

Fandom Dictionary
You're welcome
1. the act of denoting interest in the possible (and more often the impossible) romantic relationship between two characters in a piece of fiction belonging to any medium

(related words: ship, shipper, armada, endgame, crackship, captain of this here ship, etc...)

1. One True Pairing - the favorite combination of characters in a fandom of a shipper. (see above)

(related words: BROTP - the act of platonically shipping characters, OT3 - shipping romantically or platonically (more likely the case) 3 characters. Also note: one can include a desired numerical amount at the end of OT# to further state their shipping intentions)

1. the canon of fandoms, ruled by each, individual fandom laws.

(related words: canon, headcanon, fanfiction, etc...)

1. the act of "keyboard smashing", usually done as a result of seeing an image, gif, video or any number of things that make one "fangirl" or act in an overly obsessive or euphoric state.

(related words: feelings, feels, fangirling, etc...)

fangirling in the tags
1. the art of releasing one's inner emotions in the seemingly wide, vast land that is underneath the actual post.
For example:
Actual representation of asdfghjkl
fangirling in the tags u feel me

Main OTP: The Doctor/TARDIS

Other possible ships:

The Doctor & ____________

Jack Harkness & everyone

Feels Level - Out of this world

Some old Schoolers won't watch New Who. Deal with it.
Some people skip Nine. Deal with it.
Everyone has their favorite Doctor. Deal with it.
Any companion ever
Look how OTP they are!
Some will rip my throat out for not mentioning Ten/Rose. So here ya go.
No, but really, they're vicious.
Except don't skip him, because just look at his face.
New Who Catchphrases:

9. Fantastic!

10. Allons-y!

11. Geronimo!
Capt. Jack Harkness, everyone

Tolkienites vs. Ringers
Like the books as is and doesn't particularly care for the movies or at the very least, the changes in the movies.

Main OTP: LĂșthien/Beren, Faramir/Eowyn

Main BROTP: Frodo/Sam

Can (and probably have) written dissertations on how a character is inherently noble/selfless/valuable to the cause, etc...

* Tolkienites can have feels. Oh yes.
Is a huge fan of the movies and of the director, Peter Jackson, himself.

Main OTP: Arwen/Aragorn, Faramir/Eowyn

Main BROTP: Frodo/Sam

Can (and probably have) written long-winded tags of meta involving any character of either Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

* Ringers can get deep. Mmmhmm.
A Tolkienite in the post and a Ringer in the tags, baby!

"We watch it for the plot" is a famous line of the fans of this show (and similar shows).
"But we watch it for the plot!"

Fandoms I ONLY know because of Tumblr
Destiel is their main ship. Don't mess with those who ship Destiel. Castiel ships Destiel. Dean ships Destiel. Sam ships - Actually, I don't know if Sam ships Destiel. But anyway, Destiel.

Sam is a moose. But I have no idea why.

Lucifer is hot. Gabriel is hot. God (I think that was God in that one gif hitting Sam with a plunger. WHY God would be hitting Sam with a plunger is probably the reason I need to watch Supernatural. Maybe Sam doesn't ship Destiel after all.MAYBE) Where was I? Oh yes, God is hot. In fact, everyone is hot on this show.

This show has been known to cripple it's fandom with feels. I'VE SEEN IT ALL OVER MY DASH.

Adam is still in hell.

It was once stated that the Merlin fandom sold their soul so that the rest of us could be happy.

We owe you our gratitude, Merlin fandom.

Besides Merthur being their BROTP, I have no idea what anything was about on that show. Sorries.


Don't bring up Katniss' race. Just don't.
Ship what you want to ship and don't hate on others who ship something else.
Marvel Fangirls are just as much fans as Comic Book Fanboys
Loki fangirls have a lot of feels. DEAL WITH IT.
There are too many ships in this fandom. Way too many BROTPs, but honestly...I can never get enough of platonic relationships. BRING ON THE FRIENDSHIP, PLEASE.
Some of the best meta comes from this fandom.
Also, they are lightning speed quick with the gifs.
OH MY GOD. AND THE HUMOR. Dang, I love this fandom.
I am one of you.
You get a lot of hate from Tolkienites/Ringers and now Trekkies.
But for the love of Moriarty, please be nice to the Elementary fandom.

With that said, this fandom is a fierce bunch.
To join this fandom, you must be patient. Like, no. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.
The feels are quite enormous as well.
Be prepared to start deducing ALL THE CRAP IN YOUR LIFE.
Johnlock is popular, but you don't have to romantically ship them. I don't.

I dare you to click the this box. I DARE YOU.
Chances are, you're a Potterhead. Or you know one. Or you've seen one. Dang, if you still can't identify, how are you even on Tumblr?

In Conclusion:
Ship what you want to ship. Don't hate on others. Remember the good times in a fandom, because chances are, it'll get worse. Too much of a good thing is always bad. Everyone has a mind palace that they go to: give them space. Feels are the best and worst part of any fandom. Martha was an amazing companion. She doesn't get enough love. Don't participate in fandom wars. Respect other people's headcanon. I hate freakin' lizards because of Mockingjay. Scratch that. Replace lizards with life. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We all like things. We all love things. We are fans of something. And that's pretty awesome. But seriously, Adam is still in hell.
I'm gonna finish fancy with Corsiva