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MoHagani Bones tha Mind Sol Lady

Published Apr 30, 2013 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Carl’s Jr. say their burgers will make a man out of you,
I can’t eat there, but what’s a girl like me to do?
Skinny Girl Vodka says their alcohol will make you and skinny lady,
So, I’m drinking on an empty tummy feeling slim but shady.

It’s All True, but Crazy…
How I Became Known as
MoHagani Bones
the Mind-Sol Lady

Oh’ Laaawwwd!!!
They Even Got the Pine-Sol Lady!
All Airbrushed, Sexy and Looking Crazy!

The End. That was it! 
She couldn't take no more!
tired of cleaning the “Glass Ceiling” 
and the same ole’ “Sticky Floor”!

So she was Re-tired           
left her job open for all
So I took it over and                 
renamed it Mind-Sol.

And that's how
I changed the G.A.M.E.           
And now I am a Household Name.

I know... it’s True but Crazy
But that's how I became                          known as:            
 MoHagani Bones, the Mind-Sol Lady

“That’s the Power of the Mind Baby!!!”