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Published Apr 28, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Flash Memoir: In Pictures

What it Means to be a Boy Scout

Remember the good old days of youth when there were few worries, most of them minuscule? I reflect upon those simpler days of my youth and remember a particular Boy Scout camp in the Uintas.

Late one night I was staring at the ceiling of the Adirondack cabin asking myself “Why would a grown man want to take time off of work, leave his family and take a bunch of boys to Scout camp?”

Over the next several years I repeated this question, never receiving an adequate answer. As I was preparing to receive my Eagle Scout award, I had my “ah hah” moment, and the answer to my question became clear.

Scouting is not about the number of nights camped, knots tied or awards received; it is the ability to pass on knowledge to new scouts in hopes that the good lessons learned will inspire them to be positive leaders in their community.

My Scout Master made this sacrifice to teach us valuable life skills, and most importantly life lessons.

When I asked my Scout Master to speak at my Eagle award ceremony, my invitation surprised him. I told him that in all my scouting years, he was the one who made a difference to me.

I learned how to tie knots, start a fire and pitch a tent. Most importantly his example showed me how to be an honorable, respectable and noble man, just as he is.

Several years later I became a Scout Master. During our first week long camp, I was eager to provide my scouts with the life enriching opportunities I had experienced.

It was amazing to see these boys, who seemed so different from one another, quickly forming friendships.

I learned more than the boys did that year. There are too many boys in need of this training that builds boys into men. I realized that every boy should have the option to participate in this program.

The BSA organization has a strict standard regarding member’s behavior. They have upheld the decision to ban openly gay men and women from participating in their organization. As I reflect upon the boys I led, I am reminded of the difficulties of adolescence.

There are often difficulties fitting in, the stress of keeping good grades, raging hormones, and the pressure to get into college pose great challenges for today’s youth.

The Boy Scout program provides great opportunities to help youth find a way to overcome these challenges. My fear is those who are struggling with their sexuality are the ones most in need of positive influences and unity that a good Scout Troop can provide.

This program has made me the man I am today, and I believe the leadership of the BSA organization needs to take a step back and reevaluate what consequences their decisions will have on the future of the program. In my opinion, no one should be denied the opportunity to feel a part of what the Scouting program can provide.