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Published Apr 9, 2013 in Business & Management
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Drum and bass are the most enjoyable instruments one can ever play as it always involves a person into getting in a high energy mode

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Top 10 Drum and Bass Tips

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Drum and bass are the most enjoyable instruments one can ever play as it always involves a person into getting in a high energy mode. Playing drum and bass is not just a hobby but a lifestyle entailing greater amount of self control and commitment towards practicing it daily. However, having immense command on Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is not as simple a task as it might seems. The idea is to make drum and bass practice enduring with patience.
Following are some basic tips which can be useful in gaining the confidence to play drum and bass, dubstep, Edm and other such kinds of music:

There is absolutely a vast difference between both of them but this is unfortunately ignored by many people around the world. Practice time is an opportunity to discover different drum and bass techniques, to gain more stick control whereas, jamming is a time where you apply the newly learned skills. So, it is better to engage in both activities alternatively by giving both of them a separate time in order to get maximum lessons for learning drum and bass.

Create separate time for practice and jamming

While practicing for dubstep, drum and bass or Edm always start slow. This will help you to gain more control over your beats thus giving you an extra advantage in the future. Pace will come with time, but don’t rush through it.

Set off with a slow pace

Drum and bass, Electronic dance music (Edm), dubstep are learned only by following people who are involved in such types of compositions. However, in order to get the most out of it, it is better to always have a check as to how many beats you can play and while feeling the beats and making it sound good rather than falling prey to playing every kind of tune in just one session.

Work on your own level of music

Practicing drum and bass beats on a practice pad is a blessing, you can easily practice drum and bass whenever and wherever you want which can be either on your lap, bed, sofa or chair creating your own comfort zone and making it a more learning experience for you. Moreover, it will also help you to gain stick control for drum and bass.

Use a practice pad

Drum and bass, dubstep and Edm, each requirefollowing the basics first. Try first not to get into the details and intricacies of the tunes rather learn to emulate the fundamental tunes in order to get more effective.

Follow the “first things first” approach

Learning drum and bass by watching a video of a professional drummer can help make a huge difference in the understanding of the melodies. Another way is to record a video of your session to see what are the mistakes that needs to be rectified and what good music that you have played which must be continued.

Get a Video or Record your own session once

To become a more successful drum and bass player, learning how to tune the instrument is very pivotal. It also adds to the benefit of increasing the life of the head if you install and tune it properly.

Learn how to tune your drums and bass instruments

Setting a goal will help you maintain focus on your practice routine. Always set a specific goal before starting the practice session in order to make the most out of it and they key is to have a challenging goal in order to get the motivation to achieve it.

Set a target for each practice session

Always try to make a habit of listening to that kind of music which intrigues you, which makes you want to think and go into more details that what kind of beats and melodies are involved in this.

Surround yourself with challenging music

Enjoying the music makes the drum and bass practice a more precious learning experience. Regardless of the fact that whether you are working on your basics or you are trying to learn some kind of fresh music always have fun learning drum and bass which is a way of conveying your positivity.

Enjoy the music

These 10 Drum and bass, Edm and dubstep tips will make the drum and bass sessions more constructive. These tips will alsogive you better results than what you have ever thought of.
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