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Published Apr 2, 2013 in Lifestyle
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

How to have a rewarding Supernatural convention
By sam-and-dean-sinchester

Cons are a fun way to enjoy the fandom, meet the actors, learn more about the show, and make new friends.
But sometimes the con experience can turn bad when people don’t know the etiquette.
So pay close attention to these Do’s and Don’ts so that everyone can have a great time.
seriously print this out if you need to
if you can follow these simple guidelines and make the right decisions, everyone will be happy
although there is always bound to be some ignoramus assbutt, maybe this powerpoint will help eradicate that problem

What not to do at a panel:
Ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate comments
how do u feel about dean and cas having eye-seks all da time?!?1?
OMG ur so hott i want 2 hav ur babiez haha
can u guyz get nekkid on screen moar plz??
do u ship [insert ship name]?
where do u live
misha is judging you
just don’t
nobody likes it

What you should do at a panel:
Think first, and use common sense
Ask yourself:
How would I feel if a stranger asked me this? (Is this too personal, or a form of harassment?)
Is this question offensive?
Is this a relevant question whose answer will provide something useful/entertaining for the fandom?
Will the actors understand my question/comment? (See the recent ‘We blame Jared’ incident)
Look here!
It’s our boys, enjoying a thoughtful
question/sentiment from a fan!!
brainy is the new sexy,
so please use your noodle
(it’s a good noodle)

Other things you should not do:
Bash ships
Insult cosplayers
Invade someone’s privacy (whether that be another con-goer’s or an actor’s)
Murder someone
This is something called common decency
I am sure 99% of you don’t do this, (at least without the anonymity of the internet),
but just in case you needed a reminder
Don’t be that person

Other things you should do:
Cosplay! Talk to a cosplayer!
Get autographs and photo-ops!
Discover new friends! Seriously, all of the people there share at least one of your interests. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation!
Have a discussion about your ship(s), the show, or anything really!
This is what the cons are for!
This is what fandoms are about!
This shit is expensive, so get your money’s worth!

And for those at home:
While vicariously attending cons through tumblr/twitter is great, this often leads to all sorts of confusion and hate/wank/backlash.
So PLEASE wait until a video of a panel is posted before you start raging. People make mistakes, people misquote, context is needed.
For the love of Chuck, just keep the bashing to a minimum, please.
It is really confusing to come home after a great time at a con, only to discover people who weren’t even there freaking out and creating a negative situation.
^^^ I mean this should apply all the time, really.

To wrap it up:
Show respect
Have a good time
Never have sex with Sam Winchester, unless you have a death wish
If you don’t follow these guidelines I will personally put you in this devil’s trap and keep you there forever, where you’ll be forced to live without the internet.
Thanks for reading
Now go forth and enjoy your Supernatural convention experience