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Car Insurance India

Published Jan 18, 2013 in Business & Management
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For an individual who is spending his hard earned money in buying a new car, is recommended to go for a comprehensive car insurance plan.

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Highlighting some aspects of car insurance
It has not been too many years that people who own a motor vehicle in India have started realizing the importance of having their car insured. For some people, still, it is merely a legal obligation and does not hold the importance, it is worthy of. They simply chose to neglect it or just fill in the required documents and do the needful just for the sake of it and hand them over blindly to the insurance agent.
The comprehensive cover can provide full coverage against all the possible damages that the car is susceptible to. The plan can include reimbursement for costs incurred in repairing dents, technical issues in the car machinery, accidents or car thefts. For an individual who is spending his hard earned money in buying a new car, is recommended to go for a comprehensive car insurance plan. There are several plans against car insurance in India that provide cover for natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclone, land slide etc. and other accidental mis happenings such as explosion, fire, self ignition and many other malicious acts are included in this.

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The insurance for third party or an external body provides partial insurance claims in case the car of the policy holder meets with an accident. The insurance company should acknowledge that third party under the car insurance cover, only then it can be entitled to receive the compensation pay out or reimbursement for damages. Some companies offering the car insurance in India may also provide third party insurance against theft. In this case, the amount to be paid for premium is comparatively lesser than the comprehensive plan. This is an independent plan altogether which may or not may not be clubbed with the other insurance plan(s) for your vehicle. However, if it is taken separately, then the car owner will not receive any financial aid in case of any damage to the car.

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The third party car insurance india is generally looked after by the companies which are directly under the control of government. There are companies in private sector too, that provide the third party insurance, but it does not yield high profits to them. It is inevitable that the person who is going to purchase a car to understand the nitty gritty of the car insurance policies and the rate of premium that he will have to bear to get his vehicle protected under the insurance cover to safe guard it against internal and external damages and also any mis happening that it can cause to an external party. Most of the car vendors offer you to buy car insurance, at the time you visit a showroom to book or buy your vehicle, but it is up to you whether you want to buy it from them or through other car insurance companies. You may check and compare the plans offered by various companies before negotiating with the car dealer.