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Published Jul 8, 2014 in Business & Management
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Pool Deck Coatings Kansas City.pptx... Read more Have that hard to care for and painful to walk on "epoxy stone" covering your patio, pool deck or driveway? If the area is still in good condition, we can apply the Sundek Classic Texture Overlay System directly to the area after proper concrete preparation and priming.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Big Red Decorative ConcreteBig Red Decorative Concrete has been transforming plain grey concrete into unique, beautiful and useful surfaces for the past 14 years. Serving the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas.For more information visit to our website:

Decorative Concrete Kansas CityThe SunEpoxy Coating System offers options for low and high traffic areas as well as areas that may have higher levels of moisture transmission. The SunVapor epoxy system utilizes an epoxy vapor primer, 100% solids vapor barrier epoxy followed by a 100% solids clear epoxy. This three step system reduces moisture transmission in even the most stubborn areas. Each epoxy coating system is finished with a high performance urethane topcoat.

Pool Deck Coatings Kansas City Sundek started in the pool deck coating industry over 40 years ago and continues to create the industry's leading products. Whether you are building a new pool and want a cooler than concrete, non-slip surface or remodeling an existing pool to freshen the image, the Sundek Classic Texture Overlay System is a great solution.We remove failed coating systems and re-apply the Sundek Classic Texture Overlay System. The key to longterm product success is concrete preparation. Proper concrete preparation and priming are the most critical steps in our installation process.

Basement Concrete Stain Kansas City Reactive Acid Stains are ideal for most basements, retail stores, restaurants, and commercial offices. The floors can be enhanced by scoring the concrete into tiles or other patterns and using several stain colors. Custom stencils can be applied during the staining process to transfer company logos, designs or patterns onto the concrete.Create a mottled, translucent effect on conventional concrete or concrete overlays. The natural aged-look of the process is so authentic; it rivals the look of true weathered stone, slate and marble.

Concrete Dyes Kansas CitySome concrete floors are not a good match for Reactive Acid Stain due to age or exposure to excessive paint, mastics, or glue. Floors with these barriers will need to be diamond ground, prior to applying a Concrete Dye. Concrete Dyes can create the look of Reactive Acid Stain without the limitations on color.Concrete dyes can be used both inside and out. Smoother finished floors like basements, laundry rooms, and garages will show more depth and mottling.For more information visit to our website: