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Before Industrial Revolution
People lived in small rural communities
Malnourishment and disease were common
People made most of their food and clothes
Most work was made in home or small shops with simple tools

During Industrial Revolution
Advancements in industrial technology
new and faster ways of making goods
better ways of communication

During Industrial Revolution (cont.)
ways of transportation improved and new forms of transportation are found
less diseases and more food for the population

Ethiopia's Economy
Based on agriculture(41% of GDP and 85% total population)

Ethiopia has attracted significant foreign investments in:
commercial agriculture

GDP Per Capita
GDP per capita:
$ 1,000 (2011)

GDP growth has remained high, but compared to the world it is very low
Ranked 211 to the world

Imports and Exports
food and live animals, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, motor vehicles, cereals, and textiles.
coffee, khat, gold, leather, live animals, and oilseeds.

food processing, beverages, textiles, chemicals, metal processing, cement
cereals, pulses, coffee, oilseeds, cotton, sugarcane, potatoes, khat, cut flowers; hides, cattle, sheep goats; fish

Industrializing Ethiopia: Less Agriculture Based Economy
Develop better ways to cultivate crops using less people
Develop a way to water the crops

This allows less people to work on the farms and encourages them to begin working in factories

Industrializing Ethiopia: More Industry Based Economy
More factories to make more industry jobs
Only 5% of Ethiopians work in industry

Making more factories causes the demand for industry workers to rise

Industrializing Ethiopia: Exporting Industry Products
Export more industry products
Exports now are mostly agricultural products

Exporting more industry products will allow Ethiopia to make more money

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