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Howell Practicum Final Presentation

Published Mar 15, 2013 in Education
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This is the final presentation for my eResource Practicum with Douglas County Libraries.

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Douglas County Libraries
Tina Howell
University of Denver
March 14, 2013

Evaluating Research Page
Evaluate the eResources presented on DCL’s website
Interview librarians
Evaluate other Libraries’ websites
Recommendations for DCL eResource list

DCL Research Page
What’s missing on the research page?

Interviews with Librarians
Key Concerns:

No Definitions
More color or differentiation between categories
Each area thought their link was too small on website

Interviews with Librarians
I haven’t used iGuides in a long time.
I just google it.

Which websites
LJ Index 2012: All the Stars, All Five Editions

Criteria for Website Evaluation
How many clicks to research page
How many clicks to databases
Database Info – Definitions Y/N
Lands on A-Z – Y/N
Differentiation of tabs

Evaluation of websites
Top three websites

Honorable mention

Add definitions of databases and icon legend of access
Eliminate Special Section for iGuides, integrate most important ones into database list
County and State Links
Add an open source medical database like,
Add Popular list or carousel, change list monthly/quarterly to spotlight some new options.
Differentiate the tabs

Thank you