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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

How do we prepare water so that it´s drinkable?Which technology is used for it?

Denmark1. We have waterworks, which sends water to the cities around them. The water is running in the underground, through pipes. I come from Rask Mølle, and Rask Mølle is lying near Brande. In Brande there is the cleanest water in whole Denmark. In Brande They take the water from the underground and put it into bottles. And In Rask Mølle we’re so lucky that the water we are tapping in the fountain, is the same water you can buy in a bottle from Brande.2. The water we’re drinking comes directly to our taps, from the underground. The water we get from the underground is going through pumps. Actually we’re not doing anything, besides protecting our underground. When we tap water from our fountain some of the water goes to waste. The Waste water is going directly to the waterworks, and gets cleaned.

SpainIn our town we use SOREA, a company that supplies the water to the citizens. That company does the transportation of the water using pipelines and pumping stations which carry it to the urban center. There, they keep the water into big tanks located in different places. From these tanks they send the necessary amount of water to the population.The company manages all processes related to the complete water cycle: catchment, drinking water treatment, transport and distribution for human consumption with full health guarantees.

UKWater in the Uk is distributed to areas of the country by pipes that run underground. We used to use aqueducts.In 1989 280,000 pounds was spent on cleaning up the river tyne. This was because the river was so dirty and full of litter. They cleaned it up so that fish could live there.

GermanyThe deep wells tap into the ground water and jump it into the waterworks. Here in the pumproom it´s prepared to be drinking water. Machines descale the water and the pH-value is adjusted. After that it is pumped through the pipe lines to the houses.

From Denmark (Rasmus and Frederik)From Spain (Joel)From UK (Abby)From Germany (Ronja, Rebekka and Anna)