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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Introducing Crossroads point pleasant beach officeYOUr AGENTS FOR A LIFETIME, AT EVERY CROSSROAD…

Crossroads 2014

Our Vision…People are the heart of every business and our organization is no exception. Overwhelmingly, the quality of the people determines the success of the business. Most organizations are looked at from the strength of the people in the enterprise. We attribute our success to the unparalleled efforts of our agents working as a team. We believe highly trained professionals dedicated to working together to exclusively serve the customer contributes to the success of the company while enabling the agent to do what they do best… sell clients homes for top dollar! LoyaltyDedicationSelf MotivatedHonestyIntegrity

The Power of the Crossroad BrandBuilding a brand is about creating memorable experiences. The Crossroads Point Beach experience is just that. It’s unlike – and dramatically more appealing – than the status quo. Agents looking for a fresh approach are going to love this environmentTraditionSince 1966

What to Expect…The first thing you will notice when you step into this new office is that the seldom-used cubicles have been replaced with fully wired pods, counter height tables, casual areas with fireplace, along with high tech conference rooms for agents who drop-in and head out. Gone too are the bulky fax machines and file cabinets now being replaced with company and agent efax and cloud storage. Hi-speed wireless Internet and Web-based transaction management software solutions.

AGENT FOR LIFE PROGRAM!To refer a potential agent/recruit, complete the agent referral form and return it, along with a copy of the recruit's resume, if available, to your Office Manager. The Office Manager will then forward to the Bookkeeping Dept. for records and tracking.You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer agents from outside the Crossroads Realty Companies.If the agent you refer is hired, you will receive a referral award of 5% of the recruit’s income from the first 3 transactions and 1% thereafter for life as an agent of Crossroads Realty. The referral fee will continue for life if you retire from Crossroads Realty and do not sign on with another Real Estate Broker that is not affiliated with the Crossroads Entities. All referral awards are paid from Crossroads Realty and does not affect the agent's commission. Only one referral award can be given per Recruit. If a Recruit is referred by more than one Agent, the first referral received will be the one rewarded if the Recruit is hired. Recruits must sign the referral form acknowledging that they wish to be contacted.


As an added enhancement to our educational opportunities, Crossroads – Point Beach Associates offer a Mentoring/Coaching & Training Program for our new agents. The program includes a 2-hour weekly mentoring class, an individually selected Coach by the new agent and exposure and training on a myriad of support systems. The Mentor Program is flexible in nature and is usually needed no more than 2-3 months with the expectation of completing a minimum of one closing, and a pending contract for a buyer and a seller. Weekly classes answer pertinent questions for new agents with discussion and suggestions from processes to obtain listings, through negotiating contacts, specific service between execution to funding, and buyer representation and service. Coaches provide individual support by demonstration, observation and previewing the agent's first contracts. With a Mentor Trainer, a Coach and the Office Manager's guidance, each new licensee gains the confidence and focus required to be prosperous in the industry. Our Trainer and Mentors at Crossroads Realty – Point Beach are successful veterans in the industry and are on-call for new associates to assist them with answers to their questions, guidance with transactions and communication skills with the public and clients. With their drive for success, adherence to the Realtor's Code of Ethics and our extensive training, our new licensees become a Realtor of the finest caliber.

Crossroads Realty – Point Pleasant Beach: believes that it is important that you have on the job training as you learn and continue to develop your skills in Real Estate. The Mentor program is an important part of this process. They will support you while you listen, learn and work on developing the skills necessary to achieve your goals. Ultimately, it is your business so the responsibility to succeed lies with you but we want to give you every opportunity to succeed. Mentor Roles and Responsibilities:Welcomes mentee and orients them to the Crossroads Point Pleasant Beach Office.Provides on the job training for mentee, helping them to complete all training related activities.Mentor commits to observing the Mentee on all firsts and agrees to let the Mentee shadow them on appointments as appropriate.Mentor commits to having regularly scheduled meetings during the Mentees first three months.Adheres to the Mentor/ Mentee contract and obligations.The Mentor will wall the Mentee through their Initial Meeting, help to organize the Office Assimilation & meet the support staff, ensure enrollment in the MLS and Board of Realtors, Coordinate review of the Fast Track training program and set up the training Itinerary.  The New Associate will, within reason, Observe their Mentor on the following critical items: *Computer Skills*MLS use **XRDSPortal. *Prospecting Activities: FSBO, Expired & Neighborhood calls.*Open Houses: prep, execute and follow up.*Opportunity Time: handle the office phones and lead management systems. *Farming: follow the office program for farming and direct mail. *Working with Buyers: Buyers Consultation, property showings, write contracts, present offers, negotiate, and create compliant files, appraisal process. *Working with Sellers: set marketing plans and goals, toolkit CMA, personalize the listing presentation, prepare market update, prepare pricing, present CMA, negotiate an offer, attorney review, home inspection, attend a closing.

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