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Published Mar 11, 2013 in Other
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My evaluative commentary part 4

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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Shakeel Aamer
Evaluative Commentary Part 4

What uses and gratifications are offered by the texts your target audience enjoy?
Integration/Social Interaction
“Breaking Bad”
This show is very good at building up to a climax and the audience find this exciting.
For example, when the audience find out that Brock was poisoned by Walt we as the audience are shocked that Walt was able to do something so horrific.
These are known as “watercooler moments”
In our film concept we have incorporated the use of a “watercooler moment” as when the audience finds out who the antagonist is in our film, they will be shocked as they wouldn’t have expected it to be that person. This becomes a talking point.
Our Antagonist

How is your film concept and plot offering the uses and gratifications?
Our film concept offers a pure entertainment factor as it has many high adrenaline scenes which allow the audience to escape from reality.
For example there is a scene where the protagonist is running away from two mysterious figures that are following her in the night. The action in this scene excites the audience and the use of non diegetic tense music reinforces this.

How is your film concept and plot offering the uses and gratifications?
Identification – finding models of behaviour to either embrace or reject
The protagonist can be seen as a model for the audience to either admire (embrace her values) or reject (disagree with her values)
The audience may embrace the protagonist as she has a side to her which is helpful towards others (shown through when she helps her workers and is polite)
However the audience may reject her as she steals money from citizens in order to pay her ransom. The audience may not like this as it is illegal and immoral for her to abuse her power as an accountant.