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Published Mar 11, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

The Quiz
Managing workplace information
By jasmine leigh

Question One
Question Two
Question Three
Question Four
Question Five
Question Six
Question Seven
Question Eight
Question Nine
Question Ten
Answer One
Answer Two
Answer Three
Answer Four
Answer Five
Answer Six
Answer Seven
Answer Eight
Answer Nine
Answer Ten

Question Eleven
Question Twelve
Question Thirteen
Question Fourteen
Question Fifteen
Question Sixteen
Question Seventeen
Question Eighteen
Question Nineteen
Question Twenty
Question Twenty-one
Question Twenty-two
Question Twenty-three
Question Twenty-four
Question Twenty-five

Legal And Recorded Information.
Undocumented discussions, suggestions and ideas.
Opinions on expert quality.

Q1) Which is an example of explicit information?

Q2) What is meant by the term “meta data”.

Q3)True or False? Email management is one of the fastest growing areas of record recreation?

Q4)True or False? The management of records is vital to a company’s success.

Lock down e-mail as records.
Leverage advanced search techniques including Boolean logic and fuzzy search.
Use email instead of paper documents.
Maintain access and security controls.
Q5) Which of the following is not part of the email management system checklist?

Q6) True or false? Paper based documents are preferred over electronic documents.

Q7) When trying to implement a suitable information management system which of the following should be taken into consideration?
Information sharing, electronic data transfers, the capturing of metadata.
Federal rules of civil procedure, controlling email and documents, physical storage costs.
The variety of mobile devices used, web integration, current document flow.

Q8)True or false? Format is ensuring that information is stored, updated, secure, and limits are applied to access and disclosure.

Information exchange.
Copyright and intellectual preservation.
Web contact management.
Privacy and confidentiality.
Q9)Which of the following is not a mandatory principle of accountability?

Q10) What is the purpose of categorising records?

Answer One

Metadata is structured information that explains the how, when, where and why a record is created.
Answer Two

Answer Three

TRUE! The correct management of records generated by businesses today is vital as per a company’s OPPM.
Answer Four

Answer Five

False! Electronic documents are preferred over paper based documents.
Answer Six

Answer Seven

True! In England, the word willy is slang for penis.
Answer Eight

Answer Nine

Answer Ten
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