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Published Mar 9, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Issue # 109-110-111 : Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer vs Firefox.
Explorer shows the entire page
Google Chrome Page is larger thus requires user to page down to see content on lower third of page
Firefox shows the entire page but footer data populates to upper right

Issue #114: CUSTOM Insert Image function created by Galaxy errors out.
Galaxy CUSTOM Image function
Either Freezes or ERRORS out

Issue #122: Sibling Tab. Photos that are not square are stretched

This is correct proportion
Non-square photos are stretched out of proportion

Issue #124: How to adjust line height?

This text is in single line height
This text has more write space in between the rows of the paragraph

Issue #128: News Articles are chopped off
(This is one example… same for other articles created by Galaxy)
Is the problem article page length or how the video insertion works?

Issue #129: Links page. Each link should be one row (not two).
Remove Header for each line

Issue #132: Accomplishments Tab…. Content starts too low on tab
(Need to resolve on all horse pages…)
Content should be placed higher on the tab

Issue #146-147: Horses pages should show Sire – Dam / Dam Sire
Change Dam Sire to Dam
Change Grand Dam Sire to Dam Sire

Issue #148-149: Stallion pages should show Sire / Dam Sire / Grand Dam Sire
Remove “ | “
Size down the words Sire, Dam Sire and Grand Dam Sire so that all 3 titles and horse names fit on one line