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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Using Google Plus and Hangouts on Air to Increase Social Engagements and Enhance Your Brand Awareness...

Who am I and What do I do...“With the changing world or social media I believe it has become more and more important to be natural and authentic online. When we are not ourselves online, we are not communicating in the most effective way. It is my goal and mission to help businesses communicate more effectively online using the power of video and google hangouts”Andy BrineBecome Authentic on Video

Why Google Plus... Increase Your Engagement Online and Build a Global Brand Integrated into All of Google Services... Great for SEO and Social Influence Build Real Connections Online Social Skype with Google Hangouts Much more...

Leaving Facebook for Good...Why...

Google Plus for SEO Online Influence and Authority Post Engagement and Visibility Website Authorisation and Integration Integrated into All of Google Services... Reach (+1's, Comments and Shares)

How to Increase Engagement on Google Plus“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”- Albert EinsteinWhen you go out to give value on Google Plus, that is when you will achieve success and build your network!!!

Increasing Engagement Search for Communities on Google Plus and Start Commenting on Posts and Building Connections.. Ask Questions and Start to Create a Conversation Connect with Influencers on Google Plus. +1 – Comment and Share Others Posts When Sharing, add your own thoughts and comments

Monitor Your Social Influence

Anatomy of a G+ Post...

Effective Use of HangoutsJV Partnerships and Strategic PartnershipsGrow Each Others List and NetworksBuild Authority and CredibilityCreate Conversation and a Talking PointOffer Great Value to Another Persons Network

Google Hangouts for Social Engagement Private, Public and Unlisted Social Networking Events Branding Your Business Start a Conversation on Twitter and on G+ Event Page Social Influence and SEO

Google Event Landing Page

Setting Up and Google HangoutYouTubeGoogle Plus

Twitter Chat Integration and Social Comments

Plus My Reach Start Enhancing Your Brand Awareness Online Allow Comments , +1's and Shares to Extend Your Reach

Hangout Training System Get Started on Google Plus.. Tools and Strategies for Increasing Engagement on Google Plus Personal 1:1 Hangout Training Support for Your First Live Hangout£297