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London Cycling Campaign Presentation

Published Apr 3, 2014 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

London Cycling Safety CampaignLondCSC

The original campaignsI have based my campaign upon is a mixture between the London Cycling Campaign and the Governments THINK Cycling.London Cycling THINK

London Cycling CampaignThey are a 12,000-strong membership charity, making sure that everyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, has a voice in Greater London.

THINK cyclingTHINK! Is a government based campaign and is working in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) to extend TFL’s 'Tips' campaign to other cities in the UK.

The ProcessI created planning documents.Collated all of the data that I require to create a suitable campaign.Created draft posters before deciding on a final Idea for a poster.

DevelopmentMy Idea as mentioned previously developed and changed as the process went on. I developed different posters finally collating the ideas to create two final posters that hit on two of the most simple yet most common reasons for death and injury of cyclists on London Roads.The problems that I addressed were the fact that many cyclists have been injured because they do not stop at red lights, this is a simple problem that can be easily addressed. Another simple problem is drivers driving in cycle lanes when they shouldn't be has been reason for injury and death on London’s roads.Developments in the process were also made because of feedback from peers and from me asking people their thoughts of what I had done.


PostersThese are the two posters I created.

Twitter and logoI created a twitter account to post information and have a direct link with thecampaign supporters and government officials. I also created a logo to represent the campaign

PetitionI used the petition creation site to create a petition for more cycling lanes and routes to be built in London to improve the safety for cyclists.

FeedbackI received feedback from peers and cyclists that I spoke to to ask them what they thought of the campaign.Their responses during the production were able to help me shape my campaign and change it accordingly, this helped when I was developing the posters.I also asked for comments once I had completed the campaign the main comment that I noted was that I could create a TV advert or a video showing these issues that I had addressed to broaden the area of the campaign.